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Read important forum announcements, changes, new forum futures, and forum tutorials.

Introduce Yourself

Are you new on YepMom forum? Please take a minute and introduce yourself. Let others know where you live, how many kids you have...


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Pregnancy & Childbirth

Everything that you would like to share about pregnancy, labor, delivery and about the first 24 hours after giving birth and more.

Newborn, Infant and Young Children

Feeding, Sleep & Development Tips

Mother with Daughter

Building a strong mother-daughter relationship is important. Spend some time together by doing something you both love. Share your mother and daughter relationship, challenges and joys.

Mother with Son

Quality time between a mother and her son is important. Share your mother and son relationship, challenges and joys.

Help Me, I Have a Teenager!

It’s not easy being a teen these days. How to deal with teens and with their attitude? It is very hard to stay calm when they behave disrespectfully. How should we calm an angry teenager?

How to Be a Good Mother

Being a Mother is hard work, but it is also the most rewarding thing. Tell us what you think are the Sacrifices and Rewards of being a Mother. Share your problem you faced as Mother and tell us how you solved it or ask for advice. We all can help and learn from each other.

For Children

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Arts & Crafts Activities for Kids

Looking for an art or craft activity to do with your kids? Here you can find and share arts and crafts ideas for children, fun and easy projects that include recyclable materials or things you already have in your home.

Choosing the Right Toys for our Children

There are countless toys you could get, but how do you choose which are right for your child? The right toys should help stimulate your child's mind, promote cognitive skills, motor skills, language skills, boost creativity, physical development and should be safe. Share with us what are some of your child's favorite toy or which toys we should never buy to our child.

For Moms

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Kitchen and Home Tips

Simple tips for keeping your home clean and organized. How to make life easier.

Cooking and Recipes

Share your quick and easy recipes, recipes for breakfast, recipes for kids, recipes for lunch and dinner, dessert recipes and cooking tips.

Beauty and Fashion

Let's debate about cosmetics, clothing, trends, etc.

Health and Fitness

Are you having trouble with weight loss? Are you eating healthy and exercising but not losing weight? Share your healthy weight loss and dieting tips.


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Kids & Family movies

What are your kid's favorite movies? What do you like to watch with your family? Open a topic about your favorite movie for kids. You can embed YouTube preview or full videos.

  • 7 topics
  • 21 posts
  • Last post: DVD vs VHS 2017-01-22 22:57:11by Stephanie Lynn

Family Programs

Fun things to do with kids, and amazing places to visit with the family. Where have you been with your family or which places you want to visit? Share your pictures and ideas, tell us about your experience.

  • 7 topics
  • 22 posts
  • Last post: Bowling Night! Yesterday 14:30:16by Stephanie Lynn

Family and Relationships

Living together, marriage, divorce, partnership...

  • 12 topics
  • 45 posts
  • Last post: Divorce Yesterday 15:12:10by Stephanie Lynn


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We all know what homeschooling is but do we know the pros and cons of homeschooling? Do you have any experience with the homeschooling? Please share your experience with us.

  • 7 topics
  • 12 posts
  • Last post: Flash Cards! 2017-01-21 17:25:08by Stephanie Lynn

Free Preschool Worksheets and Printables

Free downloadable material for preschool learning. These materials are for anyone who works with children on a daily basis. You are free to download it and use it.


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When Your Child is Sick - Natural Home Remedies

Want to try natural home remedies instead of giving medicine to your child? When can you use NHR and when shouldn't?

Violence in the family

Family violence is considered to be any form of abuse, mistreatment or neglect that a child or adult experiences from a family member.

  • 6 topics
  • 17 posts
  • Last post: Family Violence 2017-01-10 15:32:50by Khaycelyn Ordonio Santos

Free Discussion

If you haven't found a theme related to what you want to discuss, you can do so in this category.

  • 15 topics
  • 42 posts
  • Last post: Moms in School Yesterday 17:31:44by Stephanie Lynn

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