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Topic: Help.. Lices in her hair!!

Lastly when I was teaching in a school I used to teach different classes specific subject. Once I noticed licesin a student's hair.. On observing closely I saw many so that I got afraid. I discussed it with an other teacher who asked me to send a note in her home work diary, but I refused because it didn't seem nice to me. So instead she wrote a note and sent that to her house. But the problem persisted until I left the school.
So I want to ask you if anyone of you knows any remedy of treating hair having lices/ tiny bugs as for children who go to school this problem is so common.




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Re: Help.. Lices in her hair!!

Lice are parasites in nature. Even the cleanest kid in school can have lice. It can spread in classrooms and school easily as children's plays closely together and they share same stuffs.

Lice cannot fly or jump. They can easily spread on people's heads especially if the carrier share hats or any other clothing, brushes, combs, hair pins, headbands, sharing beds (pillows, blankets). 
Once the lies came in contact with these things, chances are the person who is using this will get lice.

Don't ignore their plea because the more lice lays nits (eggs), the itchier your child's head will be. If your daughter/son head feels very itchy, let them tell you as soon as possible. Ask them if they have classmates or schoolmate who have lice.

Mommies, please take note of the following:

1. Buy a medicated shampoo which kills lice. You should be the one to apply this to your child head and follow its instructions.
2. Use fine tooth comb to remove the nits. This kills the lice and the itch must go away within few days.
3. The treatment may need to be done again to kill any new lice. 
4. Do not use a hair dryer after treatment since it contains flammable ingredients.
5. 1-2 days is the lifespan of lice on a person's head, please wash all the sheets, hats, clothing and stuff animals in hot water.
6. Vacuum the carpets and car seats.
7. Suggest to throw the contaminated combs, brushes and hair accessories like headbands. Buy a new one for your child.
8. If lice persists, consult your doctor, he will prescribe you a stronger medications for the lice. 

Advice your children the do's and dont's to prevent spreading of lice:
If their classmate/friend has lice...

Avoid sharing hats or combs. Never try hats and combs that belongs to other kids.
Buy your child their own hair accessories and ask them not to borrow or lend any hair accessories to anyone.
If your kid will do sleepover, let them bring along their sleeping bag and pillows.


Re: Help.. Lices in her hair!!

undefined wrote:

I must say that this was an excellent and detailed post about the lices and how to avoid them. Thanks alor for helping me and my son. Here  I want to ask one thing. I think lices can cling and stick from ones head to another.. Not only from using contaminated items.


Re: Help.. Lices in her hair!!

Yes, lice can cling and spread from one head to another.
Lice life span is only 1 to 2 days.
But if they produce more nits, this must be prevented.

Lice requires small amount of blood to live and they live on people's head and lays their eggs in the hair.
They mature (louse) within 1-2 weeks which they begin to feed on the scalp where their tiny claws attached to a person hair. 
Their bites are very itchy which in turn kids scratched their scalp.
Too much scratching may lead to open wound or sores and skin may be infected.

Don't get lice get to mature. Prevention is better as soon as possible.


Re: Help.. Lices in her hair!!

I heard that this is effective it also available in sachet.


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