Clean Rose Quartz by placing it for 3-5 minutes under lukewarm running water (do so before first use and then regularly 2-4 times a month as needed). If you wear it every day you should wash it more often, but also after some conflict, negative energy exchange, energy attack, stress, and so on. The stones absorb energy from the environment, purifying them with the water free them from negative energy.

Charging: Place the cleaned  Rose Quartz on clean white paper that you put on the window sill (best outside, but if it is not enough, it also suits the inside). On it, let the  Rose Quartz go all night in the moonlight (the strongest charge is at the end of the month, but all its phases are effective). Some stones can also be charged in sunlight, but many of them are sensitive to the sun and may change their color. Charging with moonlight is universal for all types of stones.


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Assigned chakra to Rose Quartz is the fourth heart chakra, but it is especially suitable for the crown chakra. Harmonizes all four top chakras.


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Pink energy promotes blood vessels around the heart, helps to clean the organs of the body, enhances the vitality of the genitals and supposedly increases fertility, helps in anorexia, promotes self-acceptance, supports activity of kidney after adrenal disease, reduces wrinkles and generally suppresses symptoms of aging , helps with headaches, mainly migraine type, suppresses depression, throat problems, ear pain. 


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Rose Quartz is a stone of love, kindness, affection, compassion, goodness, understanding, friendship, patience, empathy. 

It is considered the strongest stone in terms of love, beauty, and healing. 
In relationships, he strengthens partner loyalty but also helps to find happiness in love. 
It is said that whoever has it, they are loved, more affectionate, more pleasant. 
It deepens the imagination, the perception of all the beautiful. 
He treats deep mental wounds, injured emotions, helps the lonely and abandoned. 
It brings peace and harmony to the environment. 
It promotes tolerance, self-alignment, and sealing, as well as love and openness to others. 
It helps with anorexia because it promotes self-acceptance. 
It protects us not only from internal negative energy - envy, roughness, dirt, hate, etc. but also on the external energy level - from electromagnetic radiation (TV, computers, mobiles, microwaves).
Environmental technicians have found that Rose Quartz vibrations can reduce the power of the electromagnetic field of mobile phones by as much as 85%!

To achieve the strongest effect, the bracelet should always be worn and put down only when bathing. Nobody should touch it, only his wearer. If this happens, wash the bracelet under a stream of lukewarm water for about 3-5 minutes. 
If we intend to absorb the energy of the stone, accept its healing and protective effects we carry it in our receptive hand (if you are right-handed wear or carry it on your left hand) or if we want to transfer the energy of the stone to others, treat someone with it, use a projective hand (if you are right-handed wear or carry it on your right hand). We can choose a bracelet either by the influence of the stone or by the division for astrological signs. 
We can also wear several bracelets at the same time. But they must be combined correctly, and it is often the case that fewer stones are often better.
The Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelet is versatile and you can combine it with any other energy bracelet. Crystal is considered to be the perfect healing stone that can be used to solve any problem.


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Place the cleaned Amethyst on clean white paper that you put on the window sill (best outside, but if it is not enough, it also suits the inside). On it, let the  Amethyst go all night in the moonlight (the strongest charge is at the end of the month, but all its phases are effective). Some stones can also be charged in sunlight, but many of them are sensitive to the sun and may change their color. Charging with moonlight is universal for all kinds of stones. Amethyst is sensitive to the sun, so we recommend charging with the moonlight.


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Amethyst is often referred to as nature's tranquilizer, because of its general calming and healing properties. It has been used by people suffering from tinnitus and other conditions affecting hearing. It is one of the best healing gemstones. It is one of the stones that were most highly prized in the ancient world and continues to be prized by many people today. It is believed to help with hearing problems and may aid in health problems relating to the skeletal system such as arthritis and back problems. It is one of the most widely used crystals for energy healing. Amethyst, due to its hardness and the lovely color is highly popular in jewelry.

Amethyst is various transparent quartz. It is a popular and relatively rare form of quartz. Since the first discoveries, it has been found in a number of locations in Brazil, as well as across the border in Uruguay. It is found in a host of locations across the world. It is typically a six-sided gem and can be found within geodes across the world. It can be a very pale clear purple or a very deep almost black. It is also a great crystal for travelers, so carrying a piece with you when you are taking journeys is a wonderful way to harness its energy for protection and safety while traveling.

Amethyst is easily available in many forms and price ranges. It can help get rid of addictions (alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc.). It is a natural stress reliever and can also detoxify the body. If you're using amethyst in combination with any crystal in any way.

AMETYST is a stone of spiritual purity and meditation. 
It is also a powerful protection stone - protects against the energies of others, protects from bad energy, hexes and curses, from electromagnetic smog (tv, computers, microwave). It is able to protect us in such a way that he transforms a psychic attack into love. 
Its violet color arises from a harmonious combination of contrasting energies of red and blue. It is a bridge between Heaven and Earth, between soul and spirit. 
It has the power to bring balance and stability to the relationship between man and woman, harmonizing the love life. 
Amethyst is the symbol of inner purity, sacrifice and selflessness. His energy gives us the courage to get rid of old habits, ideas and emotions and replace them with new ones, better ones. It transforms the low energy types into higher levels on both the spiritual and the etheric plane. 
Cleans the aura and stabilizes. It adds strength and balance. Ametyst promotes mental attention and concentration. It creates a sense of justice and honesty. When used in meditation, it helps to sneak the mind, turn your attention inside and find your own wisdom.


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Concentration, Blood Cleansing, Blood Pressure Stabilization, Vascular Problems, Pain Relief, Stress Relief, Arthritis, Eczema, Aura Defending, Spirituality Development

 Amethyst Mineral is one of our strongest and most effective mineral, one of the 12 master crystals. Amethyst improves concentration, cleanses the blood, balances blood pressure, cleanses blood clots, and helps with vascular problems. It has a general analgesic effect, which is why it exacerbates migraine headaches and reduces psychological pain. It effectively relieves stress and balances its wearer. It can be used to treat swelling or skin diseases, relieve symptoms of eczema and reduce pain caused by arthritis. It stimulates the functioning of the pancreas and stimulates the immune system.

Our ancestors considered it a strong soothing and spiritual stone. If a clean, clear amethyst is placed under our pillow, it provides a soothing, deep sleep. It speeds up our spiritual development, helps us in the clear vision of intuitions. It connects the physical, mental, emotional body with the spiritual. It converts negative energies, thus cleansing and protecting your aura. It gives you peace of mind and confidence. It is forbidden to use if you have paranoid schizophrenia.

Therapeutic effects: 
Amethyst is used to get rid of alcohol or drug addiction. 

It acts relaxing and relieving us of sleeplessness and taking care of the good dreams when placed on a night table or close to the head. 

When the headaches are stressful, the stone is warmed up and put on the head. 

Amethyst detoxifies the organism. 

It is used to relieve various other pains, also in the treatment of hair, skin (acne) and teeth. Helps with problems associated with breathing difficulties and lungs, digestive problems (such as stomach or intestinal area), neurotic manifestations (hysteria, phobia, fury) and epilepsy.


It is most effective to wear it as a jewel, but it can be a very effective partner when it comes to meditation.

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