The Montessori Method of schooling, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, is a child-centered educational strategy based on scientific observations of kids from birth to maturity. 
It's a strategy that values the individual soul and the growth of the entire child--physical, social, emotional, cognitive.

Montessori emphasizes learning through all five senses, not just listening, watching, or reading. 
Children in Montessori schools learn at their own, personal rate and in line with their selection of activities by hundreds of chances. Learning is a fascinating procedure for discovery, resulting in immersion, motivation, self-discipline, as well as a love of education. Montessori lessons set children in three-year age classes (3-6, 6-9, 9-12, etc), forming communities in which the older kids casually reveal their understanding with the younger ones.

While traditional classrooms are all teacher-led, with children instructed to listen passively, Montessori kids are active participants in their schooling. Understanding comes through a child's ability to discover things for themselves whilst in the traditional method, learning is situated on predetermined and limited subjects.
The Montessori method allows kids to learn in their pace and follow their special interests, leading to enjoyable learning which is sustainable over a lifetime.

The Montessori method of instruction puts a tremendous emphasis in the thoughtfully-designed environment, ready beforehand based on students individual needs. Montessori kids can teach themselves using particularly prepared materials.

The Montessori way of teaching encourages children to develop their own self-esteem based within an internal sensation of pride in their accomplishments while at traditional classrooms, self-esteem was demonstrated to emerge from outside ruling and validation, making it more vulnerable to outside conditions.

Polymer Clay Pendants

Today my daughter had big fun. She made her own pendants.

What you need:
Polymer Clay
Cookie cutter or silicon form
Rubber Stamps or anything with a texture that can be pressed into the clay.
Paint Brushes
Acrylic paint best with metallic effect
An oven to bake clay

Step 1
Get your clay and soften it thoroughly by kneading.

Step 2
Cut out your desired form with the cookie cutter or use the silicon form as we did. 

Step 3
Stamp an impression with the stamp or other textured items into the clay.

Step 4
Add a hole by poking the clay with any tool that makes a hole 

Step 5
Place your clay piece on a sheet of paper on a tray and bake according to package directions.

Step 6 
Now you just need to paint it and hang it on a cord or a chain.

Scratch Art

Today my daughter made her own Scratch Art. I think it came out very nice.

What you need:

White card stock 
Painter’s tape
Black acrylics + dish soap
Foam brush
Stencil of your own choice 
Toothpicks or other items to scratch with

Step 1
Using painter’s tape, cover the edges of each paper as you see in the picture.

Step 2
Fill the paper with crayon. Make sure you cover the entire page, leaving no white space.

Step 3
Mix the black paint with soap. 

Step 4
Paint over the entire page with your paint and let dry.

Step 5
Once the paint dries, use a toothpick or your scratching tool to scratch off the paint to make drawings.

Hello Yepmoms, it´s already December. Did your children get an Advent Calendar? 
My children yes, and it wasn´t an easy task, especially for my 9-year-old daughter.
My big son got a Christmas Countdown Candy Chain:

My small boy wanted the LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar, so he got it.

But for my daughter, I had to make it myself. So I did. 
The first one already is missing .:D

For each day there is in the bag 1 piece from a big picture what she has to glue on a big paper, 
and 1 surprise (a small thing, chocolate) or an idea for Christmas craft. 
Part of this calendar is also a box in which she can find supplies for the craft.

Today she had a small surprise but tomorrow she will make something.
It is secret now, but I will post about that tomorrow.

We had times too that my children did not want to go to sleep at all.
But I put them to the bed at the same time every day. We had same routines
before bed, so they know it is time to go to sleep. If they came out
from their bed I took them back. Some nights it was 20 times
but they learned that when it is time to sleep, then they have to sleep.
Sometimes we have to teach them things the hard way and we need to have a lot of patience.

Oh, yes, we will never be the perfect parents.
But if you love your children you are the best parent for them.

My boys are not interested to help me in the kitchen or cut their own snack.
If I want them to eat some fruits I need to cut it for them with help of my little Pumpkin.
She is always willing to help me in the kitchen. She uses the regular kitchen knife,
and she is very careful with it.


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The school is an institution that provides learning space and a learning environment to teach students. 
This is the definition of the school from 100 years ago till now. 
Has nothing changed? I can hear saying that the school is not the same like it was when I used to go there.
Is it really true?

Do you know more fun for children than Night Time Activity? 
I brought you today some Glow in the Dark game ideas 
to enjoy it with your children. 

1. Night Bowling

Glow sticks are the secret behind this nighttime game that the kids will love!
You will need:

10 water bottles
10 glow sticks in a variety of colors
Soccer ball read more.

2. Tron Light Disc Toss

In the world of Tron, Light Discs are indispensable and powerful weapons. 
No “program” should be without one. This craft lets kids create their own 
Light Discs and then test their tossing skills in a spin on the classic ring toss party game.

You will need:

Materials for Light Discs (makes 4 Light Discs): 2 – 12″ x 18″ pieces black stiffened felt, such as East Felt
4 Pieces adhesive backed felt, neon colors
Adhesive backed felt letters, for decorating
Fabric paint in neon colors, for decorating
Materials for Pegboards:: 3 – 7-inch round wooden plaques (found at craft supply stores)
3 – 12-inch long wooden dowels, each 1/2-inch in diameter
Glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint, assorted colors
3 nails
Adhesive backed felt numbers

3. Glow in the dark volleyball

You will have to do some advance planning and gather 
the following equipment for your glow in the dark game.

Purchase glow in the dark tape to wrap around volleyball, 
beach ball, plastic play ball or purchase a real glow in the dark volleyball. 

As you know I love spending time in nature with my family.
Also I love the idea of the natural playgrounds. Natural playgrounds look like miniature natural landscapes. 
They are really fun and kids love them. They are designed with the intent to bring children back to nature using: 
fallen logs, tree stumps for seating, vertical logs for forts, slides embedded in the side of hills etc.

But see yourself, here are some great ideas of natural playgrounds. Can you imagine these in your backyard?