Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when your median nerve becomes pressed or squeezed at the wrist, running from the forearm into the hand.

This nerve controls the sensation to the palm side of the thumb and fingers.

If you felt a tingling or numbness sensation in your hand and wrist for months, please consult a doctor to check it.

At the workplace or even for home based mommies, you can prevent this by:

  • doing stretching exercises

  • taking frequent rest breaks

  • wear splints to keep wrist straight

  • use corrective posture and wrist position

Mommies, do you have any household DIY ideas?

Just sharing with you...

Remove odors with fabric conditioner.

  • Freshen the odor of your bedroom or bathroom without wasting money on air fresheners.

  • Just put fabric softener sheet in your wastebasket.

Get disposable gloves for free.

  • Save the plastic bags you used in the groceries and turn them into disposable gloves.

  • Slip those bags into your hands and hold them in place using a rubber bands on both hands.

  • When done, those them out.

You cannot simply ignore the situation.

And you cannot yell or argue with the brat child.

These must be told to the parents of the child so that they will know how their children are acting.

But of course, as a mother, you need not exaggerate the situation.

Detail how the incident happen, because the other side of the brat child's parent may misinterpret it as an exaggerated story.


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This is experienced mostly in school-aged children.
When I was a kid, I was never bullied by my friends or classmates.

My eldest child was bullied by his classmates, he reported it to me.

That report triggers me to approach their school discipline department and I reported it together with my son.

Since the report, the child who bullied my son was called and heard his side. 

Then, his parents were called for a meeting with me and were told of the incident.

From then on, no incident again happened re: bullying.

There are other means than saying a "NO' to a child without hurting their feelings.

Just make a negative response even without saying "NO".

A simple statement or explanation can lead the child to be more understanding especially when it comes on money matters.

Son: "Mom, can we buy school shoes since it's the start of school year?"
Mom: "Let's check first your old shoes if this can be used for another year.  If the shoes can still be used, we can have it spared, will buy new ones if the shoes are worn out or cannot be used. Mom is still saving money for your new shoes"

Make-up enhances beauty of a person.

For me, a teenager can wear make-up depends on the type of occasion that my child will be going.

If she's going to a party, let her show her radiance and beauty through make-up.

And if a regular outdoor event, a simple make-up will do but still as much as possible, no make-up.

Simplicity is beauty.

As a mother, I opt to be a semi-authoritarian parenting style.

Children needs this kind of parenting style for them to know that you are still the person who wants to manage your family.

The way I approach on my children being the semi-authoritarian style of parenting is I'm more particular on house rules and training their obedience.


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Mommies, how long were you in labor?
How painful the delivery of the baby to us,

but it shows how we value them especially when they survived the 9 months with us.

I do let my children drink in a bottle at the age 2.

They were trained alternate bottle feed to cup with straw by the age 3.

During 3 to 4 years old, they were trained to drink water and milk in a cup.

Strict implementation with regards on how you adjust from bottle feed to cup is very crucial for children.

This should be adapted every time there is a certain timeline on how you will implement any changes.

Do it gradually, not forcibly to your kids.

Vegetable salad is a good appetizer or a meal for those mommies who are on diet:

  • romaine lettuce (depends on how much you like)

  • thinly slice carrots

  • whole corn (remove from husk)

  • tuna meat (shredded)

  • slice tomato

  • sliced onion

  • add fruit (apple/orange/strawberry)

  • salt and pepper (pinch)

  • Vinaigrette/olive oil (avoid mayo - it contains loads of fat)