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Hello, moms! It's been a while and I am back after hibernating for quite awhile. Today, I'm sharing five foods to include in your diet if you wanted to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight or if you simply wanna shed off some fats from your body.

1. Eggs - this is one of the most famous weight-loss food. It's not just delicious but healthy as well. Eggs fuel you up for the entire day with proteins to help you function at your best. Since it gives you proteins, your muscles sure to work extra to help you shed off that extra pounds/calories!

2. Chili peppers - believe it or not, chili peppers are rich in antioxidants and vitamin c. Chili peppers also speeds up your metabolism as well.

3. Green tea - one of the most renowned weight-loss food in the world, green tea kicks start your metabolism. Prepared using hot water, the drink triggers the increase in your metabolic rate whilst increasing the oxidation of fat in your body. Since it's also a diuretic, excess fluids that cause bloatedness will also be filtered and removed through your kidneys and urinary tract.

4. Brocolli - looking like a brush itself, brocollis are considered to be "sweepers" of the internal organs. These greens are packed with fiber that softens the stool and brushes the lining of your intestines and stomach clean.

5. Oatmeal - one of the easiest and most convenient choice when you wanted to lose weight. Oatmeals come in different preparation and variety. They are considered to be one of the best choice for weight loss because it has a property that makes you feel full for long hours and gives you enough calories to help you function throughout the day. And hey, oatmeal is good for the heart too!


Hello! As a way of saving money, I went ahead and searched for printable gift tags that can be used for the holiday season, as well as on some special occasions. I believe saving money is really important nowadays due to the demands of the economy and necessities.

You can check out this website here for some available printables.

God bless!


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2 to 3 eggs

1 tbsp butter

non-stick pan


1. Heat the pan and melt the butter. Lower down heat.

2. Put unbeaten eggs into the pan. You can add some seasoning like salt and pepper if desired.

3. Beat until fluffy.

In this recipe, you need not to use oil. smile

I love cooking this one during mornings and usually paired with toast and coffee smile

Increasing fiber in the diet can also help to brush off unwanted wants within the intestines. Broccolis are the best option for cleansing the intestines. Also, if ever you're feeling really bloated, try and drink a cup of green tea to help regulate metabolism smile

Khaycelyn Ordonio Santos wrote:

Hi Patrcia, thank you for sharing that. Our pedia wants us to have another test to confirm. Right now my baby is very healthy and we at least not exposing her to the things she needs to avoid. Like menthol, soya etc.

Hi, Khayce! You're welcome! I'm hoping for a better result of your child. Please also do keep in mind to provide healthy food options for her. Have a happy Christmas!


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Thank you for these ideas, moms!

A few days earlier, I was browsing pinterest for some printables and came across this printable gift bag from Eat Drink Chic. It's easy to make and fold, just like making an origami smile

You can access the printable bag here:

Holiday Printable Treat Bag

I agree with you, moms. I was also taught by my mom to refrain or avoid sleep over to other people's houses because according to her, "we have our own house, so go home and sleep here instead." 

I think that's also the reason why I am quite uncomfortable with having to sleep over at someone else's house.

I also suggest that you stick some post-it notes onto your fridge door to prevent forgetting things. This can also help you become more organized and lessen the instances of forgetting stuff that are essential to do. smile

I think they'll enjoy something like a new camera (most boys have a passion for photography) or something they can use to play outside like a Nerf gun. smile Although video games are really the best choice but we want them to stay away in front of TV screens even if just for a while, right? smile


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Jo-anne Pretorius wrote:

I'm looking forward to taking my daughter out to make-up stores like a MAC and get our makeup done. I'd also like to take my daughter to high-tea at a restaurant while the boys go off and do something like race cars.

My mom and I loved visiting tea shops. Back when I was in United Kingdom, we've come across this tea house in Cambridge and definitely love their scones and their chocolate essence tea. It's really a must try!