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Because of Youtube, my children learned the ABC, the shapes, numbers and everything without me teaching them. But teaching my child how to read is something that I know my child will really need my guidance.

And as a new mom I know it will be challenging for us to teach them to read. Because it will actually need a lot of patient and time.

And here are some steps on how to teach your child to read:

1. Read to your child - It is not only  a special bonding between you and your child but also it instills in her a love for book.

2. Ask questions - It is not only great for encouraging your child to interact with the book but it also effective in developing his ability to comprehend what he is reading.

3. Be a good example - Even if your child is fascinated in reading books this fascination is can be easily be gone if he doesn't see anyone in your home as a reading model. So even if you are not an avid reader yourself, make a conscious effort to let your children see you reading at least a few minutes a day.

4. Identify letters in natural settings -  At around age of 2 1/2 your child will start asking the letters. And that is how they learned to spell. I remember my child sometimes asking me about a signage. She said "Mama why is there an ABC there" (she was actually referring to the letters on the signage). In technical term that is called environmental print.


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It is very unusual for me to have whiteheads or pimple break outs. But lately due to excessive eating of junk foods and oily foods. I think I am now having a white heads and problem.

And so I searched for the best home remedies for pimples and white heads and I remembered one from the past that has been very effective for me. And you know what that is? Tooth paste and salt.

I know that there's a lot of pimple cleansing product out there in the market. And I also know that most of people can afford to buy those products as well.

But there are also few people who preferred using home remedies instead and I know that it is just right to share this with them.

Note: I don't recommend this as it is not medically recommended and I am just using this as it is effective for me.

So moving forward. All you need for this white heads home remedy is just a pea amount of toothpaste and small amount of iodized salt.

And there you have it!


Just put the right amount on the affected area and rub it gently.

After that rinse with water. smile

Hi just this morning I decided to re-do my nail polish but unfortunately I ran out of nail polish remover. And the worst thing is it is not available at the nearest store. sad

And so I tried to research if I can make my own DIY nail polish remover using things that are available at home or in the kitchen. And luckily I got one from youtube using lemon juice + vinegar.



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Hello Moms, as a mom and a woman it is very important that we still can take care of our skin. We use to wear lip balms or lip moisturizer to keep our lips moisturized and soft.

But do you know moms that there is a more inexpensive and organic way of using a lip balm?

By making your own organic or natural lip balm.

here are the recipe's and the steps on how to make your own organic or natural lip balm:


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Hello! Earlier I have shared with you how to curl your short hair without using any heat. Now, let me share with you how to have a long curly hair without any heat, instead we will be using a headband method.

Watched this youtube video and see how it's done. wink


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Hi! I a have short straight hair. Sometimes I've been wondering what if I try curling it but I am afraid of ironing it because this might caused my hair dry or split ends.

But I got some tips from youtube where in you can curl you hair without any heat. Meaning you can curl it naturally.

Here's how:


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Teaching your child how to share is a bit challenging for a parent. Children have difficulties in sharing specially young children because it is a part of their development. And the first step in helping your child is to know this and teach him how to be generous.

Selfishness comes before sharing -The power to posses is a natural part of child's growing awareness. A one- year old child has difficulty of sharing her mommy; a four -year old child has difficulty of sharing her teddy bear and so on.

When to expect your child to share -You cannot expect a 2 1/2 year old child to easily accept sharing because children of their age are into parallel play. Playing alongside the other children but not playing with them.

But with your guidance and generosity, they can become a generous and three year or four year old child. They will learn how to cooperate and they will learn the value of sharing.

Don't force a child to share - Instead, create an attitude and environment that might encourage your child on wanting to share. To you a toy is just a "toy" but to your child, it is a valuable thing. Respect you child's normal possessiveness while you encourage and model sharing.

Get connected - A child gives as he is given to. It has been observed that children who received attachment parenting during the first two years of their life are more likely to become sharing children in the years to come, for two reasons; children who have been receiving end of generosity follow their model and also a child who feels right is more likely to share.

Model generosity when you teach your child how to share - It is very important that as a parent teaching your child about sharing, they should also see you doing the same thing. Because if you are teaching them how to share and they saw you as being selfish, you might be sending a different message to them.

Hope this could help! smile


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If you want your child to grow responsible, one of the best thing you should teach them is  how to save money.

As soon as we started sending our children to school, sometimes some moms started giving their child some money as well aside from their pack lunch. 

And of course we do not want to give them too much money that they don't need.

When I was at the 1st grade, my mom used to give me a pocket money as well. But for some reason I am hesitant to spend those money that my mom was giving me. From there I learned how to save and how to be thrifty.

Even though my children are still young and don't understand what money is, I am now teaching them how to save each and every coins that I have left after grocery by letting them to put those coins to the piggy bank that I got somewhere.

Since then, every coins that they see on the floor or table, they automatically put it right into their piggy bank. smile 

If your child is matured enough to understand, you may inspire them to save up by telling that they can save money for something they really like or something they wanted to buy. For example they want a new shoes, you can tell them that by saving money they can buy the shoes that they really like. In my own opinion, children will become more appreciative by doing that. wink


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During pregnancy, your immune system is likely to change. With this changes, we cannot avoid having cold or cough at some point in time during pregnancy. And this may last longer.


The good news is the symptoms of cold and flu are not typically dangerous to your baby. But in order for you to avoid this you must have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat nutritious foods like vegetables and fruits.

In addition to that, during pregnancy we do avoid taking OTC during this stage because there are some contents that are bad for both moms and babies.

Here are some helpful home remedies to treat colds at home:

1. Get some rest- take a nap, sit and relax to give your body much needed rest.

2. Drink plenty of fluids - drink, water, juice or broth.

3. Eat well - If you cannot eat larger meals, try eating small frequent meals.

4. Reduce Congestion - Place a humidifier on your room.


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Not all of us have been blessed with  a tall height that is why there so many growth enhancers are being sold in the market.

But are any of these growth enhancers really working or they don't really work at all?

Anyone knows the best and effective growth enhancers?