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Hey mommies if you are on a diet good or planning yo diet this nutritious and appetising salad is just for you which can keep you full for a long time.
Take boiled chick peas in a bowl.
Add an apple, some lettuce, some carrot, boiled beans and some cabbage.
Add a little salt and pepper as required. Pour some olive oil on it and here you go. An awesome salad is ready in a few minutes.
Note: you can add your desired vegetables or fruits if you like.

Planning to get pregnant again? Here we will advice you with some better eating options which can help you in getting pregnancy. 

  • Eat a balanced diet I.e. eat a variety of foods containing all the nutrients.

  • Limit your intake  of fatty and sweet foods.

  • Eat more starchy foods  based on cereals, whole wheat and other whole grain items.

  • Take maximum iron and folic acid which comes from green vegetables and fruits.

  • Try to include vit C in your diet through citrus fruits.

  • Consume adequate proteins through pulses and beans as well as meat, fish and poultry.

 http://yepmom.com/img/m/7890/5861cd4b4e9d29.19181851.jpg  This is your best guide towards foods not only giving you a chance of getting pregnant but also keep you fit, health and smart and can prevent a number of diseases.

These all remedies are too good as I tried all of these when my baby was 3,4 months old..  but I didnt used to walk him when he was colicky and cried a lot as I thought this would become his habit.. and I was right to some extent because  his dad father used to do that then and now as well..

From the start I made my baby habitual of sleeping as soon as I turn off the light and thanks God he is not afraid of darkness just like his mom...
some other tips are: 
Make your baby used to of sleeping in noise... fill him to satiety so he won't disturb you and himself. Clean him before going to bed.

My son is going through this phase these days. Daily after every two hours I put saline in his nose. This is very effective.. And the remedy of massaging his nose is new for me and I think is effective too.. So thanks ..

Khaycelyn try to settle their routine in such a way that they only have to sleep when mommy's going to work. like let them play right before sleeping time.. and don't let them sleep the whole day..feed them properly so after getting ful and tired they may go to sleep timely..

When your child gets sick try to treat him by using maximum natural treatment. Take medicine as the last solution.  For my son I use green tea. I give him maximum fluids and restrict the mucus producing foods.


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Yeah we should be very careful about our actions and speech in front of children because they are listening and keenly observing everything we do or we say... To make them a well mannered person in future you should show them the same attributes


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Mommies..Here I want to mention an important point..
Don't combine milk with apple for a drink.. Like don't make apple shake. As iron in apple and calcium in milk both inhibit the effectiveness of each other... 


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Wow, this is an awesome trick which I think should try as soon as tomorrow. As tightening pores is so beneficial for skin esp. Facial skin... Which can prevent our face from dust and dirt