Wow! These are helpful tips indeed. Thanks for sharing this. It is a very common sickness among our babies and I hate stressing my baby's liver with OTC medicines.


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Yes, it is true. Our body must be healthy enough before it can conceive another life. Hormonal imbalance may hinder these but there is always a solution for these. Better  consult ob-gynecologists on this.

Infants tend to be colicky than any other ages. Sometimes it is the reason for crying in wee hours. But as they grew older the will learn to release these gases through burping and farting.

Yo can train your child for sleep indicators. For example, read her bedtime stories at night and taught her that after the story she must sleep already. Or you can play a lullaby before going to bed so that whenever your child hears that she knows that she needs to sleep.

I'm actually not particular to this as I am breastfeeding but I guess as long as the baby is hungry then feed her. I can't imagine depriving my child from drinking milk just because she had enough for the day.

At a very young age I taught my little one to drink in her cup. She also drinks directly into her water bottle. Try eliminating bottles and if she is not still used in open cups, ou can first start with sippy cups.


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I love salads! You can always have the same stuffs in your salad and just have different dressings for variations. Whether it would be honey mustard, vinaigrette, thousand island, ranch, and whatever that would suit your taste smile

Ohh! This is something in addition to knowledge in taking care of my babe's little teeth. Thanks a lot for this!


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Wow! your shares are mouth watering! smile I would love to try out those for breakfast!


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As much as I wanted normal delivery I got emergency CS because it's been 16 hours that I'm in active labor. My babe almost ate poop inside and her umbilical cord was all around her so I was operated to avoid choking my baby inside. It's true that giving birth is a life and death matter.