My daughter like barney too. She loves to sing 'i love you' song. I can't help smiling whenever I heard her singing: "i- la-lu- (I love you), yu-la-me- ( you love me) smile 
She knew the rhyme of the itsy bitsy spider, the wheels of the bus and other from watching Barney
She also has stuff toy, Barney. and she calls it Ma-ni (her pronunciation of Barney). 


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 We use to go the mall when going out. We are going to the grocery to buy some needs. In that way, we are enjoying each other's company, strolling inside the mall, eat at the fast food, taking pictures, spend some time for our daughter to play. Simple like that. We are happy to be together.


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Most of us moms choose to have a home based job to be with our little ones. (working while watching over your child). 
I found it is much better than applying for work outside the house and just pick a nanny for your child. Being a home-based working mom, you are not compromising the safety and security of your child to other people. 

Wow. Hi there, I know only two of them the boat and an airplane. Because of your posts moms, I learned that there are more. One more thing is the box (paper box) I know how to do it before but not until now. I know it's just easy but I can't remember how.

How about you, can you recall how it is? any of you.:)

After giving birth I need not do exercises and diets because like you Baby Margarette it never doubles my weight. it's just my normal weight plus the baby.What I am doing now is maintaining regular meals plus the fruits and vegetables. I'm not a breastfeeding mom, I would suggest seeing your doctor regarding your health concern. :)

My daughter loves dancing and singing. Her favorite video to watch is the Yo-kai watch. She really enjoys watching it repeatedly.
I am also browsing the internet of nursery rhymes. I choose those 40 minutes or 1-hour duration so I can fix some things inside the house while my little one is busy on watching, especially when I am doing laundry.

I love preparing the children's gift for Christmas. I am choosing the practical and simple gift as toys, for both girls and boys. Mostly for our toddler's niece and nephew and my daughter. I am giving just a simple toys because they are not old enough to keep the toys for long. Maybe in just a week or two, the toys are about to throw because it is already broken.


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 I am not the one who used to be a mom's little girl. I am dad's little girl smile I missed those bonding moments with my father watching tv. We both love watching wrestling. When I was a little girl, sitting on the lap of my father, I am covering my face because Undertaker (wrestler) is on the screen.I am afraid of him because he have a coffin, and lying there. But very happy seeing our favorite Shawn Micheals a.k.a. Heart Break Kid on the ring.
Things on my childhood I won't forget. Now, I am a mother of a little girl named Shawn. Her name comes after our (me and my father) favorite wrestler Shawn Micheals.

Good idea.  yeah, I saw a lot last time, in the market but I  forgot to buy because I 'm in hurry. I will be buying some doll's clothing next week I think. I could not sew because of my poor eyesight. 


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Glad to hear that from you mom. Like yours, my daughter like it mixing with rice too. She eats a lot when I am serving that.

*nutritious vegetable siomai recipe here: http://https://www.foodblogph.com/recip … ai-recipe/
if you also want to try. I will do this vegie siomai recipe next time smile