Pregnancy is the most awaited and beautiful stage in a woman's life. It is said that giving birth is like a reincarnation of a woman. Everyone desires  for a healthy and safe pregnancy.

If you are first time pregnant, you need to adhere safety measures which include your body, diet and outdoor activities.

Baby's first words are an important milestone ,especially when waiting for the first real "mama" or "Papa" . My little one first word is "dede" at the age of 5 months old.   

The best way to help your baby say his first words is to talk to him a lot! Your baby will be eager to pick up on your verbal cues. Narrate your day,describing what you're doing as you dress your baby, cook dinner or walk down the street.  Speak the name of objects and people. Ask questions, hold one-sided conversation and listen for the answers. When he does vocalize, be sure to smile, make eye contact and show him that you're listening..

Same here.My 5 year old son still alive until 2 am. he just watching cartoon networks..

i have organizer listed all the things needed to do per day....(its so effective!)

Pregnancy stretchmarks are a natural result of the skin around the abdomen stretching out to accommodate a growing belly.
It is possible to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks if you act early in the pregnancy.
the most important tip!
"Stay hydrated" water helps detoxify your body  and keeps your skin cells plump, which makes your skin healthier and more likely to bounce back from the stress caused by stretching. it is so effective in my tummy......

Disciplining young children can be challenging for parents specially when their child's behavior is inappropriate.
""teaching your child boundaries and learning to say no""that is the most effective to my 5 year old son


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Im Cristy Tahil  from Philippines. I have 1 son he is five years old now. I work before in sales for 11 years but when he turn in 3 years of age i decided to give up my job. Because i noticed something from him, he has speech delayed. The doctor advised me to do full time mom. Being a full time mom is very fulfilling . The bonding moment every single days of your life is priceless. Being a mom is so wonderful.