My lo is 8 months old and we don't let him watch TV yet. I am not sure I will allow him to watch TV at all until he's old enough that we can't control him anymore. There are several studies saying that this could hinder a baby's development as they should be focusing on observing and discovering things around them through their senses.


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I agree. As recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) and Department of Health (DOH). Breastmilk is 88% water while formula milk has water. Water from both these sources are sufficient already.


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Planning has always been an integral part of any thing we do. This also applies when you give birth. Even though some people choose to be spontaneous, it still helps to come up with a birthing plan which the mother and the father or whoever would be the mother's support system should discuss. This is also something you need to discuss with your health practitioner, OB or midwife prior to giving birth.

It is already expected that not everything you put in your birthing plan will happen. However, it helps for the mother to inform the people who's going to be with her during the birthing process on her preference. 

Here are some of the things that need to be considered when creating a birthing plan:

  • Normal delivery or cesarean?

  • Unmedicated or with epidural/painless?

  • Do you want to freely walk around and not be attached to the fetal monitor?

  • Are you okay with using pytocin or any form of inducing labor?

  • Mother's support system should be with the mother during labor and giving birth?

  • Unang Yakap must be performed - immediate skin to skin by the mother and child and breastfeeding?

  • Delayed cord clamping?

  • Delay bathing?

  • Delay vaccination?

I remember having my birth plan and discussed it with my OB. I was very clear that I wanted an unmedicated and normal delivery. Even though not everything went as I have planned, it was a birth I can say that I was in control of.

Any pregnant women here who have already prepared there birthing plan? 

Any pregnant women who need help with their birthing plan? 

For those mothers who already gave birth, did you have a birthing plan and did it go as planned?