- Breast milk does not always have the same composition.

Yes it's true. The composition of breast milk changes constantly at different times of day and even during a feeding. In the beginning of feeding, milk is rich in lactose. It is semi-transparent, rich in minerals and water-soluble proteins. Milk coming in the middle and the end of the feeding - a thick, yellowish, contains more fat. An interesting fact is that breastmilk expressed after the end of a feed often had higher lipid content than the breastmilk obtained immediately post-feed.

- Breast milk after a year shall not be any good for the baby.
Breast milk is the perfect food for your child, no matter how old he is.
There is no point at which the benefits of breastfeeding suddenly “run out”. Breast milk does not turn into water overnight on your baby’s first birthday. As long as you feed with breast milk, your baby gets valuable immunities, as well as the security and emotional advantages of nursing.

 According to UNICEF studies on breastfeeding, children who were breastfed for a long time, have a higher level of intelligence, a successful social adaptation, less likely to suffer from allergies and recover faster.