Hello, guys.
My eldest son is soon turning into three and one of my concern is to prepare him for kindergarten next year or maybe another two years depending on how prepared he is.
However, I'm having problem in starting to homeschool him since he is very active and can only focus in learning when he wanted to. Sometimes, the time he wanted to learn is few minutes in the night time before sleeping. During the day he would be playing with his toys. I've been trying to homeschool my child eversince he turned two but I had never push him to learn since I want him to absorb most when he wanted to. 
Also, I am having difficulties in deciding what I should teach him first. So far he knows about body parts, his full name, his age. He can only memorize numbers but do know their meaning, i.e one is one or two is two. Sometimes I have been asking myself am I pushing to hard?

Help me on this. 

Thank you guys!


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