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Thank you so much for your reply. 

I also try to make him study before sending him out to play. But I feel that when they are studying for incentives, they forget it fast. Also I could not in any way make him revise portions he has already studied other than during the exams by which time he would have forgotten the whole thing and would start from scratch.

Hello Yepmoms,

I am having difficulty making my 9 year old son sit down and study. 

I have to resort to threats like "I will not let you go out and play if you don't sit down and study for at least 20 min". I have even stopped subscribing to cable so that he will not be distracted by the TV. Even though I try to set a time for him to study every day, he will start talking to me about his school, friends and any subject and try to sabotage the time. If nothing helps, he is like "I don't want to study. I am not interested". The only time, he willingly sits and study is a week before his exams. 

I get frustrated making him sit and study. He resorts to disturbing and distracting his sisters from studying when he has no other go. If any one of you can help me with tips, I would be really grateful.

Thanks a lot

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