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I know this may be a rough subject for some, but I myself have gone through 5 miscarriages and know that pain all too well. I just want to share my story and how I coped with myself after each one. I don't mean to offend anyone by this post, and if I do, I sincerely apologize for it.

I'll start by telling you a little bit about myself, I am a 28 year old mother of 2 living children and 5 rainbow babies in heaven. I had my first child when I was 20 and my last one at the age of 27. I found out during my first pregnancy that I had a heart shaped uterus and that I was lucky to be pregnant. After my first child turned 2, my ex-husband and I tried to have another child, but 12 weeks into the 2nd pregnancy I miscarried. I was crushed. I was depressed. I hated myself and blamed myself and my body. It took a while after the first one to even let my ex-husband touch me again, but he supported me and urged me to try again. 

I got pregnant for the 3rd time almost an exact year after my first miscarriage, this one lasted 9 weeks until again, I miscarried. This one of course hit harder than the first. I lashed out at everyone, stopped eating, refused to look at myself in a mirror, spent days in bed just crying. It wasn't until I was home and my daughter came in the room and asked me why I was crying, climbed into bed with me and just held me. I realized I was missing out on her because I was so ashamed of myself I wasn't concentrating on anything else. 

My 4th, 5th and 6th pregnancy's were all miscarriages as well. Granted we didn't try for one, they just happened. They all ranged from 10-15 weeks. and no one other than myself even knew I was pregnant, I didn't tell anyone, not even my husband at the time. It just seemed easier that way, because I just knew it wouldn't last.

My 7th pregnancy was my last one, and no one knew that I was pregnant because I had a lot of bleeding during the beginning of this pregnancy. It wasn't until I was 3 months along and somewhat out of the danger zone that I told my husband, and not until I started showing did we tell family. 

Going through this process will never be easy, but it is not your fault. It's not your body's fault. There is no one to lame for the loss of a child. And I know it can make you feel hopeless, like you failed at something every other woman can do. But you haven't failed and you are not alone. Take the time you need to grieve and go through the motions. 


Living with kids that are disabled can sometimes be a hard task, I know first hand how hectic one day can become. I know when I found out my first child was autistic I felt like I had failed her. I felt even worse when my second child was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Having two kids with disabilities makes life a little harder then most, because it seems like we are always on the go, since my oldest started school and receives her therapy in school it's made life a bit easier, but with my youngest we still have at least 36 appointments a month, between her therapies and doctor visits, even more when she gets sick. I am blessed to have an amazing supportive boyfriend that stepped in when their father left, and he makes enough along with my daughters SSI that I can stay home and work from home to take care of them better. I just wanted to make this post to tell you that you aren't alone if you have children with disabilities. Even as a single mom I found support through my children's therapists and doctors. Also I know there are tons of online support groups that have parents just like you that want to ask questions about specific disorders, medications, medical equipment and more. Please don't be afraid to find support through a group, they may start as a group of strangers, but you will quickly become to feel like a family. So please next time you see someone at therapy that seems friendly, say hi, chat with them, I bet you will enjoy. 


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Keep you and your kids healthy can sometimes be a difficult task. Getting out and getting fresh air is a fun way to get your kids moving. I love to take my kids out walking or hiking down nature trails. Although some days we don't get to make it to the trails, we still like to walk around the blocks of our neighborhood . 

Along with walking and hiking, riding bikes through the trails or in the neighborhood is a good activity as well. Kids also love to use their scooters but those don't do well on the trails. 

Where ever you decide to go walking or hiking make sure you are prepared for your trip, always remember to bring along sunscreen, mosquito repellent, plenty of water, hats and a pocket sized first aid kit, in case anyone falls and gets an ouchie. 

Some hiking grounds have lakes or oceans near by that allow fishing, so check it out and spend some time on the docks with you little ones and show them how fishing is done. 

Also if you are a nature buff, most of these trails are full of different plants and animals all around so you can share that knowledge with your little ones, I know they will be excited to learn!  


For Mom's that are home schooling or for kids that just need some extra work, Learning activity Printable's are perfect. In this post I want to list for you some sites that offer Free learning prints and share what is on their site as far as ages and work goes.

http://www.kidsacademy.mobi/free-presch … orksheets/  - This site offers learning printable's for kids ages 2-5. They have subjects of Alphabet, Numbers, Math, Reading, writing and coloring pages. They can be printed in color or black and white. There pages have a fun layout and are great for teaching at a young age.

https://www.education.com/worksheets/  - This site has a wider range and does from a pre-school age all the way up to High School age. They also cover subjects of Math, Reading, writing, science, social studies, foreign language and coloring pages. This site is great for older kids that want to learn more or their grade level stuff seems easy, you can print out these pages and challenge your child's brain. 

http://www.k5learning.com/free-worksheets-for-kids  - This site is for kids in Kindergarten to 5th grade. They have subject on here that cover Vocabulary, Grammar, Cursive Hand writing, Math, reading comprehension and flash cards. This sight is great for getting your kids ready to start spelling and learning meanings of the words, with the vocabulary and grammar pages your kid will soar!

http://www.jumpstart.com/parents/worksheets  - This website is for pre-kindergarten to 5th grade. They cover everything on this site from, history, phonics, rhyming, plants, sight words, flash cards, math, reading, grammar and a whole lot more. This site is one of my favorites because it cover just about any subject you can think of and that it also breaks it down into grade base learning, meaning that it can teach that subject on your child's grade level. 

EXTRA: If your child isn't big on worksheets but likes getting computer or tablet time, ABCMouse.com and Star Fall are 2 great online education sites that have fun learning games that your kids will love!


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For Moms that are still in school, it can be difficult to juggle school work and being a mom. I have found some ways that I hope can help you like they have helped me with my schooling.

First, Call in your support, whether its your spouse, your parents, siblings or friends, if you have someone available that can help you with your child so that you can concentrate on your assignment helps you know that they are safe and you get full concentration. 

For Mom's that are home with babies and infants, finding time is hard, especially if your baby is breastfeeding. I have found that putting your child in a bassinet next to the desk or where ever you will be working, lets you keep an eye on your little one while getting assignments done with good focus. Also, nap time is great to use for school time, as you can do larger assignments with minimal interruption.

For moms with toddlers or pre-k aged children, if you can't find a sitter, try putting on their favorite movie and giving  them a snack, it will help you to focus because their mind will be on the movie. You can also use the time when they are having independent play time and nap time.

Some moms have used day cares to help aid them with their schooling, as most day cares accept part time kids that only go for a few hours a day. It can be a great thing to do because that gives you 4 to 5 hours of straight focus to get your work done.

If you guys have any tips you want to add please leave them in the comments below, I know I would love t hear what you guys do to juggle the schooling along with being a mom. 


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We all know we hated napping as a kid (and how much we want one as an adult lol). Making sure our kids get the right amount of sleep at the right time, is essential for a happy toddler. We all know that some days our kids don't keep schedule and fall asleep too late or too early. So I want to share with you the tips I found to work the best at nap time.

First, we need to get the time right, putting your kid down for a nap too early or too late can make for a cranky day. Most day care centers lay children down for a nap at 11:30 am and wake them at 2:30 pm. I have found this time to be a perfect amount and my daughter is always in a cheery mood when she awakes, and is ready for bed come 7 pm. 

Now that we have the time, lets get the setting, a nice dark room or very soft light is perfect for napping. Using music will also help aid in your child falling asleep faster and staying asleep. I like to use storm sounds or piano lullabies for my daughter, some kids may require different music. 

If you have any tips you would like to share please leave them in the comments below as I know we could all use some help when it comes to getting our little ones the rest they need to be successful!


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Going through a divorce when you have kids can be a hard struggle. I know this first hand. Your going to be angry and hurt and upset, but you have to remember that you have little eyes watching you and ears listening to you. Divorce is hard on the parents especially if they have been together a long time (Mine was 8 years). It is also hard on the child, because the child is used to having both parents around and most likely now will only have one at a time. That change causes many different feelings with in the child and some kids require counseling to get through it. 

When you go through divorce with kids, there is usually a custody battle, and those get nasty, try your best to keep this out of your kids knowledge because it can hurt them worse. My youngest daughter knows nothing of her father, we split before she was born, but my oldest daughter had a lot of trouble with the change. She is still in counseling to this day (2 years since break-up). 

Try to be as gentle as you can with your kids when it comes to them lashing out due to the change. My daughter would be crying most of the time, as well as have her moments of anger where she would scream at me and throw stuff, and mess up her room. Along with lashing out at school. 

It's important that you both have support during this time, whether it's from friends and family or from a counselor. My daughter and I both went to counseling in the beginning. It was very helpful for us going together and was a great emotional bonding experience that we hadn't had before.

Whatever your case may be, remember while going through this process to get support, show your children a gentle hand and try to get through it together, you will always be their favorite role model and they are always watching you.  


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As moms, I know it can be difficult to get any alone time, but it's beneficial to you and your kids that you do. I am a single mom of 2 girls, whom both have disabilities. I used to always do what needed to be done with the girls, and because I did everything alone, "me time" just wasn't happening. It took a toll on my mind and my body, I was constantly sick, always tired, and mentally I was depressed. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my girls, and they make me a very happy and proud momma, but someday's when I really needed that moment of alone time but I felt I was being selfish and spent it with my kids instead really hits the brain.

One day, after getting my divorce papers, ended up lashing out at not only my children, but my sisters kids that I happened to be watching that day. and I realized, that I seriously needed a moment and felt horrible for how I yelled at the kids, I apologized to them, put on their favorite movie and gave them a snack. After, I went in my room and cried for about 10 minutes straight, then I collected my thoughts and went and sat with the kids to finish the movie.

That 10 minutes changed my entire day. From then on, if I ever feel over stressed, mad or upset. I make sure my kids have everything they need and are safe in their rooms/crib and I will sit in my room and give myself 10 minutes to feel what I need to, and relax myself. Doing this has made me a better mom in so many ways. I can calming talk with the kids, my brain isn't fried by stress at the end of the day that I held in so I actually get good sleep, I don't get sick as often anymore. 

So I told you that, to tell you this. Please, PLEASE, make time for you, whether its just to have a cup of coffee, or to use the bathroom in peace, take a 10 minute break and relax when you need to. If you have infants, take the time while they are napping to watch your favorite shows, or read your favorite book, even take a nap too. It's so important to you body and mind that you get that time. If your relaxed, your kids will be too. 


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Bowling is a fun time that you can spend with your family where everyone gets multiple turns and chances to win!
They have special equipment that kids use to make the game more fun as well.

Many bowling ally's have bumpers on the lanes that keep the balls out of the gutters, this is great to have if you have smaller kids that are bowling for the first time. They also have stands that you line up with the lane, and you push your ball down it for elderly and disabled.

Some bowling ally's have a party night, where the bowling ally is only lit up by black lights or strobe lights and they usually have a DJ there playing music. These nights are great to go with the kids because they get an awesome feel of like there at a party and there is lots of dancing and laughs.

Bowling Ally's also usually have a family night deal. Ours here is Thursday nights they offer unlimited bowling games with the purchase of shoe rental (6$ a person) so it's fairly cheap for us. Some also offer night where games are 1$ each and shoes are 2$ which is another good night to go.

If your kid enjoys bowling, most bowling ally's also do birthday parties, which can be super fun for your little ones!!

Make sure to check out your local bowling ally to see what deal nights they have. I hope you and your family enjoy it as much as we do, and I look forward to hearing about the awesome times you guys have!! 


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Sea World Orlando (Florida) is a great place to take the kids, I want to share with you some fun things that my family and I love to do while we are there!!

Shows, we love the shows! Shamu does an awesome show with his friends and does cool trick that make a big splash! That is one show where you will definitely get wet if you sit close. Another show we liked was Clyde and Semour, 2 seals that are trying to graduate from school and do some funny tricks with their trainers, lots of laughs at this one. They also have a dolphin show that we have heard is amazing.

Animal exhibits, they have a bunch! you can see dolphins and babies up close, they have turtles and gators, small aquarium, penguins, sea lions and more! They also have a few touch tanks where you can touch sharks and manta rays and most animals you can buy food for and feed them. They also have a behind the scene tour where you can touch dolphins and have them do tricks (only 15$ a person)!!

They have a few rides here like the Mako (shark ride), The Manta Ray, as well as flamingo boats, a 360 turtle dome that takes you on a 3D ride of a turtles life and a Penguin ride (very cold). They also have a complete area for kids that they can ride smaller rides, play in a splash area or climb through a huge obstacle course.

They have tons of food operators all through out the park as well as actual restaurants that you can sit down and eat at (we like the voyage) 

I hope you guys enjoy going to this park as much as we do!!!