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"People who have a store of positive memories from childhood are generally happier and healthier, have better cognitive skills and are more tolerant of others. They are less likely to develop a mood disorder and are generally more optimistic and more able to cope with stress. Researchers have even found that young children who have had positive experiences with those who love them may develop a larger hippocampus, the brain region important for learning, memory and stress responses." source

Fill-in Keepsake Journals are the perfect way to capture memories. There are usually plenty space for photos, drawings, notes, you can answer simple questions. Or you can start your own journal where you can write, draw or glue pictures...

Now it is almost Halloween, you can start making your Halloween Family Journal with the help of this
Fill-in Keepsake Journal:



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Have children place animals on the map above their name.



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Let children match animals with the correct food.
Also, have the children use dry erase markers to trace the line from the animal to their food.



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I had my shower this past weekend and received so many little cute outfits that match. My amazing friends and family must have had so much fun shopping for twins! I am so blessed.


I had an appointment with the perinatologist and everything looks perfect. Baby A  weighs in at 790 gram, and Baby B is 730 gram. They are growing perfectly even.

My cervix has shortened a little, from 5 cm to 4.5 cm. They say it's normal throughout pregnancy. Both babies are in the breech position still. He said that at about 32 weeks they are probably where they will stay, but that isn't always the case. I am hoping for them to turn!


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You are right, they say the school is different these days. I wish that was true, but it is not.
Schools use lots of technology these days, that is true.
Schools do not punish children anymore, that is true.
But the kids can not dress how they would like in the schools, cannot choose what they want to learn. 
They have to be in the school 6-8 hours and still have to do homework.

I am not satisfied at all with the schools today, I wish for our children better schools, where they can be who they
are and can learn about their interest, follow their passions!


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Hello Christina, Welcome to the forum.
It is not easy for school children to meet school requirements today.
It is a big pressure even for children without any disorder. 
But luckily your son has you, the mom who loves him and trying to help him.

What kind of worksheets are you looking for?

This is the Space Themed Worksheet for Preschool children.

The package contains letter tracing, color matching, beginning sound matching, number matching,
size sorting, cutting. You are free to download it and use it. Have fun!


Download Space Themed Activity Package here:

Black & White Infant Stimulation Toys

Small babies can see from birth, but not as clearly as an older child or adult. Until they are about six months they can only see black, and white, and can only see 8-12 inches in front of them. So they are unable to see color and are extremely near-sighted. That is why important to give small babies black & white stimulation toys that offer enough stimulation for eye development. 
Black and white toys will hold babies attention.

You can make your own black and white toys. See examples:

From crazyhappymotherhood


From Pink Oatmeal


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Snowflake Color Matching


Print, cut out, cut page in half along the line. Laminate and punch holes.
Put the book together in order or mix them up. Hook it together
with book rings. Have the children flip the pages to find and match
the colors.

Download Flip Book: Color
Download Flip Book: Black and White


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Snowman Color Matching File Folder Game


Print all the pages, cut out and laminate the game pieces. Laminate the activity sheets and glue it to the inside of the file folder. Glue directions and game label onto the front of the file folder. Add small pieces of Velcro to the activity sheet on the file folder. Add the other side of the Velcro to the back of the loose matching pieces. Store pieces in an envelope. Let children match color words to the corresponding color hat.

Download File Folder Game Color
Download File Folder Game B/W