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Greetings! I am Melina, mother of 2, wife of 1, ceo of a somewhat functioning household and stay at home mom. I have a college diploma is early childhood education with about ten years experience working in the field. I get through my days with humour, coffee, and Facebook which allows me to keep up to date with family and friends.  This past September my last child started school (can I get an hallelujah) giving me time to myself. Time spent cleaning, cooking and the occasional Netflix watching. I hope to contribute some words of wisdom to this board. And if not that, at least a daily anecdote of my life which I have no doubt will give you a smile and laugh. In fact, as I write this is am battling the flu, both my kids are home from school,  one being sick themselves, Frozen just ending for the second time today, and I am pretty sure my son just dumped a box of Legos on the kitchen table. Welcome to my life!