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Depression is real and can sometime destroy a family and everyone around that person can be affected by it. So can you live with a person who suffer with this condition? What can you do to be supportive and understanding to them? But you need to know what your dealing with and learn how to adjust to their way of life and living it's not that bad and sometime it can be control.

What is Depression- Depression is a brain disorder that affect a person mood or loss of interest in daily activities and life struggles. Depression can last for days or weeks and will keep a person from normal function like cooking, cleaning, bathing, sleeping, eating and so much more.

Who are affected- Study say more women are affected then men. I wonder why could it be the fact that we do just as much as men and more. The Children and spouses suffer, co-worker and neighbors, yourself suffer if you have a daily job or have to be around people everyday too.

 How does this affected life- Most people life are destroyed by this it impairs ones ability to eat, sleep, work, or inter act with family it really makes one anti sociable.

What can you do- Encourage those with this mental illness to get help. Give emotional support and don't judge or accuse them of faking.  And please don't point out their mood or faults because a person with depression is already doing these thing to themselves. 

Depression is real and can affect all ages, sex, and race anyone can suffer with this and if it you please remember this. It's not your fault, your not alone, you will feel better soon, don't lose hope and get help so you can take care of yourself. Much love from me to you.



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Do anyone have favorite family games to play well I do only because I have kids of all ages and I'm a foster mom too. There is nothing more I enjoy out of life then spending time with my kids and my husband. So I make sure we got the best games because we are very competitive from the 20 yrs old all the way down to the 6 yrs old good fun family rivalry that's what we love.

My top five fun family board games are Monopoly who can get rich 1st with us, Life because they think being grow is easy, Sorry just because you can stop them from going home, Trouble because it just down right challenging. But my all time favorite the last on my list is Hungry Hippo yes I said it, last game of the night and its winner take all and the first loser has dishes, second loser has to sweep, and the third loser is mopping yes I love it because I barely lose at the game. We play so many games and have fun too let me know what your family favorite board games are and why.
Spending time with the family is a good thing and it pulls the child out of their so call normal life styles and bring together bonding and memories.



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Saturday is a day of rest and relaxing no school, homework, or work for some. So what would make a good dinner? Something the whole family can partake in and my six year old lives for the weekend were he can be in the kitchen helping prepare dinner and the older ones enjoy it too. So here are some of my family favorite Saturday meals their easy, quick, not messy, but inexpensive an fun best of all can be made with leftover meals as well.
The family sandwich wrap made with flour tortilla shells and all your favorite lunch meat or fresh veggie serve with yellow rice a meal that can be pick on all day because you get eight wraps in a pack so that makes 18 half sandwiches fully filled with all your tasty fixing. And who don't have crescent rolls or biscuits at home that left over pepperoni and provolone cheese, or mozzarella sticks make the perfect pizza rolls so why call Pizza Hut or Domino's when you can do it yourself for less.

Now my family all time favorite is our famous mini slider everyone believes they're master chiefs,  anything and everything go into a slider in my house we have our secrete sauces and special ingredients. And I can't leave out our egg rolls all made with leftover like my chicken, ricotta cheese, and spinach, or my shrimp, cabbage, and carrots or all veggies. Bet I got you thinking now with all the meals you cook all week long you'll think twice before you throw out that half of chicken or the last to breast no one finished just cut it up and freeze till Saturday. I hope this get your wheels turning and just think of all the money you'll save and all the food you wouldn't be wasting.

Saturday's should be fun and relaxing with very few dishes or clean up and the whole family gets to be together and just have fun I do live for the weekend happy Friday I bet you know what will be doing.



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Today I want to speak on biracial kids hair because some culture know how to manage this hair and other don't have a clue. The first thing they want to say is it's nappy, and unmanageable but that's not the case it's good you just needed to know what to do with it,  I'm African American and three of may four kids are biracial and out of the three all there textures are different and I manage all there hair the same way with the same hair care products. so mom's whether your Caucasian, Chinese, or Hispanic it doesn't matter if you mix that with African American you get our hair growth texture and that call for real treatment.

First let's start by saying you don't need to wash their hair every day. That the wrong thing to do you will be stripping them of natural mineral that protect the hair from lice and helps it to grow and NEVER perm it with a Caucasian or African American perm. Whether it curly, straight, or course it all can be manage.

Here are some great hair care products to start using as early as 3 mos old for the rest of their life and they work for little girls as well as boys too that are of mixed background. African Pride,and Motion products are great to use why? Because yes your child need grease, moister, and oils to make that hair pop, shine, grow and be manageable.

Can you believe out of all my babies I'm more able to handle my mixed kids hair then my African American child hair and we share the same background not saying these products don't work they do and he has a nice grade of hair to. Just saying it felt different that's all. 

So before you perm, cut or straighten your biracial child hair let their natural texture take form and by the time they are 7 yrs of age then cut you son hair and if he decide to grow it back the texture won't be damaged and don't do clippers until he's at least 15 an those kids under that age just get cut as low with scissors and once ever six months trim about 1/2 inch of the ends and see what happens. Hope this is very helpful I hate to see a pretty little biracial girl or boy with a parents that didn't have a clue to what to do to their hair and mess it up for life. That will happen but maybe in my future topic I'll cover how to come back from a mess up, it's a process and in most cases can be reversed. No matter with straight, curly, and thick unmanageable hair it can all look nice. Like I said they all are good products that works well with all textures but if your looking for a style or define a look I got you on my next topic.



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Family movie time is a great bonding time and a time to just relax and being silly. I love move night with my kid no matter how old they get we have classic traditional  movies we always watch ever year the best six classic I've picked Toy Story, Willy Wonka, Mary Poppins, Home Alone, E.T., and the Wizard of Oz.

Why are these family movies my top pick, well that's because they give you something to learn from them and there is little to no violence in them and they are not scary, the whole family will enjoy them who don't love a happy ending.

These movies were made before all the crazy stuff got put into them like same sex, death, and violence. I feel these movies will be around forever because they have a meaning, and purpose that can last forever.



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Young girls comin into their menstrual cycle is a big deal some see it as becoming a young women others view it as the worse thing ever. Why is this  difficult for some an not others maybe it cause little boys can play a part to this they can be cruel at times. Boy between the ages of 12 to 15 not all but some like to touch girls butts and can your recall the first time a boy touch your butt, now think if you had a pad on for the first time how embarrassed you must have been and the teasing that followed that's was enough to make you wish you never got this thing called a period. Now most girls between age 12 to 15 will all have to go through this stage and school is hard enough for teens now this. Mom's what can you do to help?

Explain what's to happen- First help her understand her body is going to go through changes. Let her know about cramps, bloating, craving, PMS, and how to track her cycle if it 24 or every 28 days. Explain a normal flow an abnormal flow because if it abnormal it my need to be addressed by a family doctor. Mom's if you haven't already had the talk about sex now would be the time because if she sexual active it important she know now its possible to get pregnant.

Help her cope- The only way young lady's will have a good transition into woman hood is for us moms to be real, and understanding. Answer all their questions help them find a pad or tampon that is comfortable to their liking maybe even let them stay home for a day or two to adjust to using either product and the change the body going through just be supportive you were where they are once.

Mom's know what works for one doesn't always work for others so buy a few different brand products with your child and let her judge she is the one that has to wear it for the next five days.



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Teen violence is a big issue that sometime go undetected and usually starts around 7th to 12th grade when these young teens start to date. The violence is like a plague it's picked up and spreads easily cause it learned from bad environment violent abuse comes in many forms punching, kicking, slapping, and verbal abuse is the worst, and if bad enough can carry over into their young adulthood life if never dealt with at their young age properly.

What causes teen violence- There is no definite reason why teens become violent toward peers or the ones they are dating. Many reason on how this can happen like video games, movies, being bullied their selves, seeing a neighbor or family member being abused are just a few but no true facts on why it starts to happen.

What are some signs- Some warning signs to look out for any sudden changes in your teen that is not normal like drinking, use of drugs, destroying property, lose of temper, threats or talk of suicide all signs you should look into as something is wrong with your teen.

What help or advice can you give teens- Talk to them about the different types of abuse and let them know what a normal healthy relationship is let them see you can talk it out without putting your hands on a person. Parents if you see or suspect your teen is a abuser or is being abuse in their relationship get them help as soon as possible.



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Most babies start teething between 4 to 6 months and did you know baby's are born with all twenty of their teeth under the gums. Parents we just need to keep our babies as comfortable as possible during this stage, there are many things you can do to soothe a baby but you need to know the signs and symptoms of a irritated baby.

Signs a baby is teething- Common teething signs are drooling, fussing, sensitive gums, trouble sleeping, and some fever but all these symptoms are based on parents opinions I don't believe facts.

Things you can do- Your baby is pretty uncomfortable now so here are a few thing you can try to claim you infant like try using a cool rag and rub their gums, or use your fingers, a cool teething ring work just as good too. If your baby a little older and do solids try giving them popsicles or yogurt, I even given my child a chicken bone just make sure it's picked clean they would be happy for hours. Medication wise I loved the tablets better the oral gel but both are good.

so whatever you choose just try to make your little one as comfortable as possible.



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How important is the right disposable diaper to you Huggies or Pampers? Huggies and Pampers are the top two leading brands that most parents trust to put on their babies. For me I have used both brands do I like one better then the other yes, but I like both for different reason and at different ages as well.

Huggies have seven different kind were Pampers only have about four but Huggies are better for newborns leak wise to me, but I found Pampers to be better when the baby got to be about 10 months and older for heavy flows but then made the switch back because Huggies pull ups were much dryer on the skin, but the underjams fits lager toddler.

Price wise they are close but I will say I see more coupons for Huggies disposable diapers then Pampers but I see a lot of coupons for Pampers other products like theirs wipes, Splashers swimmers, and the Kandoo line products.

So let me know what you like and why? 



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What's a good age to allow your children to walk to a friends house or go to the local playground just a few blocks from home that's what I'm dealing with now. There is so much to take into consideration like being kidnap, getting hit by a car, being bullied, or just getting hurt. so what do you do, how do you make this judgement call for our 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 year olds because in school they teach our kindergarten and first grader about stranger danger and how to be independent but I feel this to be dealt with in stages.

 Now my child is seven years old and wants to walk to school, go to the playground, and to his cousin house by himself, granted they are all within a 4 to 6 block radius but some studies show that's when most accident happen.

Well I have some simple rules that's helping me before I'm going to allow my seven year old child to go off allow. First they need to be eye level with the biggest vehicle on the street from a Cadillac Escalade to a Lincoln Navigator call me crazy or just being careful but now days there are just to many distraction cellphones, GPS, car radios, and young drivers all these things make it a risk for any pedestrian of all ages to be outside walking.

So as a parent this is truly your call only you know your child's capability, but I would say whenever or whatever age you feel is okay I would secretly follow them just to make sure they are following the rules you set looking both ways before crossing, or not talking to stranger. So you can have some peace of mind, and to see if they are truly ready for so much freedom.