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This 8-page worksheet is all about prepositions. This worksheet will test your child's knowledge about the appropriateness of a preposition in a sentence.https://yepmom.com/img/m/7986/596f48d5d85437.73749676.jpg

This 8-page worksheet is all about substances that dissolve water. This measures your child's analytical skills at the same time prepares your child in their Science lesson at school.https://yepmom.com/img/m/7986/596f3e88b7e968.43339377.jpg

This 8-page worksheet is all about adverbs. This teaches your child what is an adverb and how to determine the adverb in the sentence. This will test your child's language skills as well as a good way of practice.https://yepmom.com/img/m/7986/596f3c50b9dc45.85827192.jpg

This 8-page worksheet is all about multiplying and dividing numbers. This worksheet combines multiplication and division together. So, this will really test your child's capacity in mathematics.https://yepmom.com/img/m/7986/596f3a0a0e7db7.38742984.jpg

This 8-page worksheet is all about adding and subtracting numbers together. This looks like a number game wherein your child will answer by providing the sum and difference.https://yepmom.com/img/m/7986/596f331bc54f59.19284415.jpg

This 8-page worksheet contains sentences that apply simile or metaphor. Your child will identify the sentence whether it is simile or metaphor. This worksheet will help your child learn about the figure of speech.https://yepmom.com/img/m/7986/596f30abacc533.45346124.jpg


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This 8-page worksheet is all about writing fraction based on the given illustration. Teach your child at home how to write fraction with the aid of this worksheet.https://yepmom.com/img/m/7986/596f2e9bc91830.52431017.jpg

This 8-page worksheet is all about writing a simple sentence with a fun coloring activity. With the help of this worksheet, surely, your child will learn that writing sentence is very easy.https://yepmom.com/img/m/7986/5964b62530e664.17363355.jpg


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This 8-page worksheet is all about completing the poem with the correct rhymed words. Your child will select the appropriate word in the box to complete the thought of the poem.https://yepmom.com/img/m/7986/59633b3f2c9cb6.62600589.jpg