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This 8-page worksheet is a learning tool about the noun. Identifying every part of speech is important and this worksheet will give the first step towards learning all parts of speech.It has varied short activities that would make your child practice at home. https://yepmom.com/img/m/7986/58b7d5f55de3c2.62932952.jpg


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This 8-page worksheet is all about living things and non-living things. This will help your child identify living things and non-living things he/she sees around. It has activities inside that will really make your child learns the concept.https://yepmom.com/img/m/7986/58b6ad5466fd00.68845278.jpg


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This 8-page worksheet is all about matter and its three phases: solid, liquid and gas. This worksheet will help your child learn about the three phases. After using this worksheet, your child will learn how to identify the things around us whether it is solid, liquid or gas.https://yepmom.com/img/m/7986/58b57d6a281e35.56699466.jpg


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This 8-pages worksheet contains activities that will help your child learn about odd numbers. Mathematics can be fun with this worksheet. This will be your tool in teaching your child at home.https://yepmom.com/img/m/7986/58b521315e18e6.42024341.jpghttps://yepmom.com/img/m/7986/58b5217d503da5.45234736.jpg


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This worksheet will help the young ones learn about even numbers. This will help you teach your child when you are at home.https://yepmom.com/img/m/7986/58b4f127386a39.20612397.jpg


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How Many are There in a Dosen? This worksheet is all about the dozen. Help your child determine what is a dozen and how many items are there in a dozen with this worksheet.



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This worksheet is all about colors. Help your child learn about colors through this worksheet.



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This worksheet is all about the basic shapes for toddlers.


https://yepmom.com/img/m/7986/58afd8f1e8ed14.75671086.jpgThis worksheet aims to teach the child about the five senses and five sense organs. This is best to use at home and will serve as mother-child-bonding teaching strategy.
It has three blank pages because I scroll the Microsoft Word a lot during the process of creating. I just make it this day. I hope it will help you and your child.


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I am a teacher and I make instructional materials for basic education subjects which can help mothers to teach their child at home. Through this, it can be a mother-child-bonding teaching strategy.