Preparing for Your New Baby

So you’re pregnant. There are so many things to think about, so much to do and so much to buy! When it comes to waiting for your little bundle of joy to arrive it seems like 9 months lasts a lifetime; but when it comes to getting everything ready for when your baby gets here, it seems like someone pressed the fast forward button on the calendar!

When preparing for your little ones arrival there are plenty of ways to save money or at least put off spending money. Having a baby should be a joyful experience for you, and having to choose between a crib and groceries for the week doesn’t have to be an issue. In this article you’ll find out what you really do and do not need for your baby’s first month at home.

Some parents decide to go straight to the crib, but most do not. Many mothers like to have their newborns sleep in the room with them, in a bassinet, side sleeper bed, or even a co-bed.

Keeping your newborn in your room enables easier night time feeding and it ensures that you’ll be able to tend to him or her should they wake up upset. Having your newborn sleep in your room eliminates the immediate need for a crib, which is a big expense.

You’re also saving in smaller ways too. Crib bedding, crib mattress, and mattress pads. These things combined, all purchased new, can add up to be over $100. There’s also a good chance that you can wait to purchase a monitor. If you will be keeping your newborn in your room and night, and with you during the day-there really isn’t a need for a monitor, since you wont be apart.

All babies are different, my daughter for instance, would not sleep flat on her back. That’s why a bassinet did not work for us. Instead we used a baby bouncer seat. It elevates her head, which made me more comfortable, because if she spit up in her sleep, it wouldn’t go back down her throat. She was more comfortable as well, because she slept like a dream. My daughter slept in her bouncy seat for about 6 month before I moved her to her crib.

Are you worried about having your house baby proofed before you get back from the hospital? Don’t be, you have plenty of time on that one! Baby proofing kits can be expensive, and your newborn is months away from crawling to any light sockets or fireplaces. A good time to baby proof is when he or she starts crawling. That will keep you one step ahead; the master crawler can get into almost anything!

Safety item that you do need before your baby arrives are smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Find out what you need to know about Carbon Monoxide, by checking out the links below. You can purchase a carbon monoxide detector online at for less than $20 and it’s a very wise purchase. I strongly recommend not only installing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in each room in your home, but also assessing the fire hazards in your home and fixing them before you bring baby home.

When it comes to taking care of your baby at home, you need at lot less than you think. I understand that what worked for me and my daughter, may not be what works for you and yours. I do know that I could have saved well over $400, on products that she never liked or used, if only I had saved those receipts! It’s okay not to have everything ready and in place for your baby’s next five years, focus on what you need for the next 6 months. Just make certain that your safety bases are covered and that you’re doing what’s right for you.

Originally posted 2019-07-11 04:30:47.