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Effective way for toddler's learning

Topic: Effective way for toddler's learning


Not so long ago, I read a post from one of our colleagues about homeschooling her toddler.

Actually that is the reason why I created this post. For me to be able to share my very own experience with my toddlers.
I don't see anything wrong about letting them watch on tablets specially when they are watching something educational.
We must admit the fact that this is their own era which is quite different from our time then.

However we must always to be reminded that kids should only be allowed to use gadgets at least 30 mins a day. Because anything that is too much is bad.

Just to share, between the age of one turning two. Since My husband and I both working and busy, my daughter learned how to watch on tablet but we only allow her to watch ABC songs and nursery rhymes.

Into our surprise, she learned her first alphabet by herself by watching this over and over again.


By the time that she learned to select a youtube channel that she wants, she then learned her first numbers, colors and shapes as well. She even learned to speak English language without us teaching her.

I am not saying that we must tolerate them to use internet or gadgets. I just wanted to say that kids will learn in time by their own interest without us forcing and pressing them.

At least we could have an idea that children could learn by their own by having fun. wink


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Re: Effective way for toddler's learning

I do let my kids use the iPad. I have plenty of great educational apps that teach maths, the alphabet, spelling, sight words and more. I do worry about how much time they spend on the iPad, so I do try to limit it. But in general I think it is a great teaching tool.

In fact one of the christmas presents I got my son is a programmable robot that uses the iPad, so he’s going to learn programming.


Re: Effective way for toddler's learning

Hello! I believe that having the children use ipad/tablets is not harmful to their learning as long as we set limits. Nowadays, children tend to get so tech-y so it's just right to go with the flow of innovation and use these resources, however, there is also nothing wrong with going back to the traditional books, puzzles, etc smile