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Hemorrhoids after Giiving Birth

Topic: Hemorrhoids after Giiving Birth

A hemorrhoid is the painful bleeding of the vein in the rectum. After having a baby- especially after the vaginal delivery.

Most woman having hemorrhoids. Here are the symptoms:

  • bleeding during bowel movement

  • painful lump near the anus

  • itching and irritation around the anus

  • swelling around the anus

  • anus bleeding without pain

There are many treatments and home remedies for this if we searched the internet. I just want to share the one best for me.

The Hot Sit.
It is simple.Just add salt in the lukewarm water on a container or basin. Doing like this for 3-5 minutes



Re: Hemorrhoids after Giiving Birth

Hemorrhoids are common complication after pregnancy due to the pressure exerted during vaginal delivery. Sitz bath is recommended but should not exceed 20 minutes, and warm water should be used. However, watch out for side effects such as dizziness and lightheadedness. Stop the procedure at once if you're already experiencing these signs.


Re: Hemorrhoids after Giiving Birth

Prevention is the preferred way to inhibit both hemorrhoids and constipation.

Fiber rich foods - whole grain cereals or breads, vegetables and fresh fruits should be eaten.
With regular exercise and a A high dose of water consumption should be maintained.
If case worsen, ask your OB-GYNE doctor if stool softeners are advisable.
Avoid standing or sitting for a long period of time.
This put pressure on veins in our lower body. 
Make sure if you will be sitting or standing for a long time, ensure for a few minutes every hour to stand and walk around.