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Allergies anyone?

Topic: Allergies anyone?

Excessive reaction of our immune system causes allergy to happen. 
These can lead to serious or life-threatening one if not controlled.

As per our Allergologist  (doctor who specialized in immunity and allergy) , allergies are hereditary, it is passed down through genes from parents to kids especially if our ancestors have one also. 

Both of my son are victims of allergies. How do we confirm?

Our allergologist takes skin pricking test on our sons placing drop of allergen (inner forearm/back), after 15 minutes:
if positive: an itchy bump and redness surrounding it
if no: no reaction at all

As a result, both of my kids are tested positive on the following allergens:
1. Dust mites
2. Cockroach
3. Horse

If they will encounter this allergens, they shows symptoms of allergic rhinitis like:
1. stuffy/runny nose
2. sneezing
3. itching

If these symptoms occur, decongestants and anti-histamine are common allergy medications.
Corticosteroids are prescribed for treating on inflammed nose.

However, always consult your allergologist for the right prescription of medicines.


Re: Allergies anyone?

My husband has terrible allergies, so we were worried my children would have them, but so far so good. No allergies. I'm wondering if they can start showing up later in life.


Re: Allergies anyone?

Allergies are hereditary - they root up to their ancestors of both parents.
It may show in one child but it doesn't necessarily means that all your children will get these allergies.
But one way or the other, parents should be observant and always conscious when it comes to the health of your children.