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When should I plan to have my second child?

Topic: When should I plan to have my second child?

Hello YepMoms,

As a new mom most of us are not yet aware of certain things about being a Mom. About having your first child, how to take care of them, what to feed them, how to cope with them and all that.

But once you have coped up in all those things. You have another question in your mind that you might wanted to ask.

When should I plan to have my second child?


Of course the answer is; when you and your first child are both ready. And when will that be? How will you know if you and your first child are both ready?

And that is what are we going to tackle.

First, you have to wait at least two years before you can get pregnant again. For some, 18 months is okay. But for me, I prefer two years. Why?

By the time you gave birth to your first child, your womb was starting to heal. Your cervix was fully stretch during your pregnancy. You might want to give it time to fully healed or you might suffer to so called posterior prolapse


This a condition occurs when the wall of the fibrous tissue that separates a woman's rectum from her vagina weakens. When this happens, tissues or structures separates a woman's rectum from her vaginal wall- in this case the rectum can bulge into the vagina.

This usually happens during vaginal birth because it weakens your tissue during birth so it is very important that you give not just your vagina but your body a time to heal.

Second, you have to consider this; Are you emotionally and mentally ready for this? Are you having enough support from you family specially your partner? 

Third, is your first born child ready to have a new sibling? 

It depends on your first born's interest level. With this, you have to know how to talk to your child about the baby.
Involve her in the preparations, and get her ready for the change that is coming to your family.

I hope this could help! Thank you! smile