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Topic: Nannies

What do you consider when hiring a nanny for your kids? It's very rampant nowadays that some hired nannies physically abuse or neglect the children their supposed to take care of. How do you feel about these kinds of issues?


Re: Nannies

I tried once but will never try again. I was supposed to accept a job offer then. After my final interview, I went home joyfully since they want to hire me and I'll just have to wait for my papers. But when I went home my baby is fussy and crying. I immediately carried her and looked into her and I saw her teary eyes as if it was telling me.."don't leave me mommy". I also found out that her nanny forgot to change her nappies which left rashes and blisters on my child's bottom the reason also why she is fussy because of pain. After that, I called the company and told them that I am not accepting the job anymore.

I guess moms are the only person who could give the best care on their little ones.