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Used Magazines and colored papers for Christmas gift wrap :)

Topic: Used Magazines and colored papers for Christmas gift wrap :)

Hello YepMoms.
Christmas is near and some of us are not yet done wrapping their gifts.

Gift wrapper doesn't have to be expensive and so does your gift. As long as it comes from your heart the person who will receive it will greatly appreciate it it.

That is why I created this topic to share some tips on how we can wrap our gift without spending so much on gift wrapper. Specially when you have a plenty of love ones to give this coming Christmas.

What we have here is a used magazines, used colored papers and whatever colorful used papers you have at home.


So instead of putting them on your trash bin, why not let's use them for gift wrapping as well.

Now. Here are some finished products using our used papers and magazines.

Tadah!! They look so nice. Aren't they? 

Through this, we are also teaching our kids how to be more practical and creative at the same time.

As a parent, we must set a good example to our children. We must show them that the most precious things in this world are not expensive but priceless. https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/Jqp_gGMfbudHRmyEm6EltcSeKdRdL-OhCg8q-FSi0IHOj5JkeAYP0sNbqzntDLuufQSRAzwMbxcuJe9EK0YZVsnS4u3taCtAYejOa7c8z8Dd9OCMgIc861X0NsapV_aESzESPZ9r

On my next topic I'm gonna teach some creative gift wrapping ideas. Hope you'll like it!