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Shower Trick - 90 seconds

Topic: Shower Trick - 90 seconds

Feeling dull in the A.M? 
Twist to change this morning ritual.

Did you know that you can make the most of your A.M. shower by simply adding 90 seconds to your regular bathing habit?

Once you have done with our usual shampo-conditioner-soap routine, rinse up with super cold water for 30seconds.

Then, regulate the water temperature to as hot as you can take for one more 30 seconds before blasting cold water for additional cycle.

This trick is to tighten your pores as you wash away all the bath products, stimulate your blood circulation and leave you with a kick of happy alertness as you step out of the bathroom.


Re: Shower Trick - 90 seconds

Wow, this is an awesome trick which I think should try as soon as tomorrow. As tightening pores is so beneficial for skin esp. Facial skin... Which can prevent our face from dust and dirt