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Why is my baby crying?

Topic: Why is my baby crying?

There are plenty of factors why our baby is crying and these factors sometimes cause them discomfort and irritations. 

So we must know what are these factors before we can make calm them down.

* Hunger is sometimes the main caused why your baby is crying.
*Stomach problems due to gas or indigestion.
*Also check if the diaper is full or if he had poo poo.
*Sometimes insect bites also one of the factor but not the common factor.
*Make sure that your child had enough sleep. A good nap is at not more than or less than 45 mins.


Re: Why is my baby crying?

For my baby, she is already one year old and she knows how to ask for food if she is hungry. Most of the time, she cries when she is sleepy and not feeling well.