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Planning to get pregnant

Topic: Planning to get pregnant


Getting pregnant is just so easy for some women but not for some. And that includes me.
It took me two years before I got pregnant.

And there are some factors that could affect pregnancy.

Those are age, irregular menstruation, overweight and others.

And here are some help tips on how to get pregnant.

Since I was having irregular menstruation back then, I consulted my Obgyne and she suggested me to take birth control pills to regulate my menstruation.

Then I also started taking folic acid. Because it’s not only giving you a high possibility of getting pregnant but also taking folic acid at least one month before conception also helps also reduces risk of neural tube defects; such as spinal bifida.

You may also want to a well-balanced and healthy diet.

That's all I can share based on my own personal experience and I hope  this could help. Thank you!


Re: Planning to get pregnant

Yes, it is true. Our body must be healthy enough before it can conceive another life. Hormonal imbalance may hinder these but there is always a solution for these. Better  consult ob-gynecologists on this.