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What if you caught someone taking your child away?

Topic: What if you caught someone taking your child away?

Not so long ago, we went to the mall to buy new washing machine. And while we are looking for the and choosing among brands. My child suddenly disappeared.
So I searched for her right away only to find out from the guard tjat someone took her. I was so mad and run to find her. Until I saw this woman leading my child outside the store.

And then I shouted my daughter's name and took her right away.

I was speechless and let those people got away. I know I should have reported it but that was not what I was that thinking that time.

All I was thinking is that “thank God I got her back. Safe. “ I don’t know. But what is important for me that time is that at least I got her back. Besides it was also my fault that I was too busy to notice that my child is already missing.