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Kid leash; good or bad?

Topic: Kid leash; good or bad?

Hello mom, having a naughty child is very common to us moms. Specially when you go to the mall and your child kept on running and playing hide and seek with you. Which left you haggard and frustrated.
So that is why some moms opt to use kid leash for their child.

It is like a dog leash specifically made for children comes with various designs. But for me, I was like. “Why would I do that?” thinking that I will buy one for my child.

What about you moms? What do you think about kid leash?

How do you see yourselves using it with your children?


Re: Kid leash; good or bad?

Kid leash are practically good when it comes with interacting to the public especially when you are in a mall or crowded places.

But I didn't practice this kind of security measures to my kids.

I do carry them when they are still young until their toddler age.

This made me secure when we are travelling or walking in a park or a mall.