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Perfect age to get pregnant

Topic: Perfect age to get pregnant

Some women get pregnant between ages of 25-30. Some are as young as 16-20 or older than 30-40. But have you wondered, what is really the perfect age to get pregnant?

When I say perfect age; I mean it is the right time when your body and is on it's right condition to get pregnant.

According to the article that I have read, the perfect age to get pregnant is 20 or 20 something.

By the age of 20 your body is ready to get pregnant. Experts says that the average of woman's fertility peaks is on her early 20s. So from strictly biological perspective, this is the best decade to get pregnant.


Lower risk of miscarriage, lower risk of health complications, and lower risk of having genetic abnormalities. Because as you get older your ovaries age along with the rest of your body and the quality of your eggs gradually deteriorates.

But the other question is; are you mentally, emotionally and financially ready at this age?

Just like the others, even though biology is on your side at this age, for sure at the age of 20. You are not yet financially ready to have a baby.

Baby at this age, you are just starting to build a career or still figuring out a career path and establishing yourself professionally.

Some people at this age are still childish as well.

Now it is up to you on whether you would like to get pregnant on to what age as long as you are ready this three things;


Of course we do not want our child to suffer in the future. smile