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My gifted three-year old daughter

Topic: My gifted three-year old daughter

Hello YepMoms! I just want to share these little piece of artwork created by my three-year old daughter.

At first you might think that it is just a beginners luck but she can draw it over and over again. That is why I also recorded a video of it..

Who would believe that at her young age she can now draw a sun, flower and a face with both pair of eyes, a nose and mouth.

I want to share this precious moment of her as it is very rare that an age of her can do this wonderful thing. And I am so proud and I am really honored that I was the first to witness this moment and I was able to record it  the first time. smile

This caption below is according to her an "Angry Bird" with a pair of leg. I wasn't able to caption the entire leg but if you can notice she also put a feet on it.


This one is according to her a SUN. And I agree to her. She actually had another version of this one where she just added two dots for an eye which turn it into a spider then she looked at me and said "SPIDER"

Calen's Video of sun

This one is her own version of flower with a stem and leaf