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Indoor Flowering plants that purifies the air

Topic: Indoor Flowering plants that purifies the air

Just a while ago I shared with you some indoor plants that purifies the air naturally.
Maybe some of you will ask if  there are any indoor flowering indoor plants that has the same benefits.

Yes. And here they are;

1. Gerbera Daisy - It is best to put inside your bedroom because it absorbs carbon dioxide and gives oxygen all night which improves sleep. Note: They like bright lights


2. Moth orchid - Thrives is high humidity, lots of light but not hot (mid-day light), thorough watering but almost complete drying out between.


3. Mums - Removes chemicals like cigarette smokes. Note: Likes Partial Sun and lots of water.


4. Peace lily - It removes molds spores in the air. Perfect for bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. Note: Prefers a lot of water, less often and bright, indirect light.