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Should you entrust your child to a nanny?

Topic: Should you entrust your child to a nanny?

The moment I decided to get married and get pregnant, I also decided to become a mother to my children. Not a mother who gave birth to a child but a mother who would always be there for them anytime they need me.

Maybe that is also the number one reason why I chose to work from home. For me to be able to check on them from time to time. 

Another reason is I promised myself and my children that I will never entrust them to anyone. There are times that me and my husband is almost thinking about getting them a nanny but it is always ends up on one of us will be working and one will be left at home with them.

Until we both decided to work at home.

Going back, the reason why I never entrust my children to anybody mostly to a nanny is because I have watched and heard a lot of horrible stories about nannies.

From a neglectful nannies to a nanny beating a child. That was so horrible! thinking that I will entrust my child with them. 

Note: I'm writing not because I have something  against nannies. I have known a lot of good nannies and I was taken care by other people as well back then, I also have a nanny friends. 

But It is just an opinion from a mother like me. Nothings else. Just a message from a mother to another mother; if you want to make sure that your child is well and safe 24/7, be a mother in the best way that you can be. Besides, what we do with our children will reflect on their behaviors.

Now, I just want to share these few videos taken from CCTV.

These are the reasons why I don't entrust my children to other people.