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Teaching your children how to be kind

Topic: Teaching your children how to be kind

As a good parent to our children, it is our role to teach them good things and be a good example of kindness. Because our children see from us will reflect to them. 

Our children look up to us and follow our leads. And for us to be able to do that we must have to remember few things and I got here the most important;

Lead by example - Because as parents we are the role models of our children. If you want your child to be kind, you must act like one.

Be consistent - If you are teaching your children how to be patient and  they are seeing you so irritated when you got stuck in the traffic, you might be sending mix message to your children.

Help them understand their feelings - To understand others feelings, children needs to understand their own emotion as well. From the young help teach your kids to identify their feelings. 

For example she is angry, have her describe this emotion and ask her if she could tell you who or what caused this reaction.

Acknowledge and reinforced kind behavior -  Now that your children understand why they should be kind to others, make sure that you acknowledge and reinforce their positive behavior. This will help them to continue to be kind and courteous to others.

Hopefully somehow these tips could help us a lot. Thank you!