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Different styles of disciplining your children

Topic: Different styles of disciplining your children

As a new parent, the number one that I wanted to know is how to discipline my children without spanking them or stressing myself. Surprisingly I just learned that we do have different types of disciplining.

And I hope by sharing this, it also helps some other parents like me.

1. Positive Discipline -  It is more based on praise and encouragement. Instead of focusing on punishment, parents keep make discipline about teaching.

2. Boundary- Based Discipline - It is when parents are setting limits and making rules. 

Kids are given choices for misbehavior; such as logical or natural consequences.

3. Behavior Modification - This focus on positive and negative consequences. Good behavior is reinforced with praise and rewards while bad behaviors is discourage through ignoring and negative consequences.

4. Emotion Coaching -  It is a five step discipline process that focuses on teaching kids about their feelings. Kids are taught that their feelings are okay and their parents help teach them appropriate ways to deal with their emotions.

5. Gentle Discipline - Focuses on preventing problems. Redirection is often use to steer away the kids from bad behavior.