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myths of pregnancy boy or girl

Topic: myths of pregnancy boy or girl

When you are pregnant have someone told you that if you are glowing that means your child is a girl?

Well, true or not true, that is one of the most popular old wive's myth that we use to hear during pregnancy and here are some old wive's gender myth that I am sure one of you have already heard.

1. Carrying high= girl; carrying low = boy
2. If you are craving for sweets it's a girl.
3. If the baby's father puts on weight during pregnancy it's a boy
4. The pendant= If you swing the pendant over the pregnant's belly and it swings back and forth it is a girl. If it swing around, it is a boy.
5. If the mother's face is full round and rosy it is a girl; if you have more acne it is a boy.
6. If you did not experience morning sickness during early pregnancy it is a boy.
7. If your belly looks like a basket ball or water melon it is a boy.
8. If your armpit is darkened it is a boy.
9. If you are craving for salty foods it's a boy
10. If your hair grows faster during pregnancy it is a boy.