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Cough remedy for pregnant women

Topic: Cough remedy for pregnant women

During pregnancy, your immune system is likely to change. With this changes, we cannot avoid having cold or cough at some point in time during pregnancy. And this may last longer.


The good news is the symptoms of cold and flu are not typically dangerous to your baby. But in order for you to avoid this you must have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat nutritious foods like vegetables and fruits.

In addition to that, during pregnancy we do avoid taking OTC during this stage because there are some contents that are bad for both moms and babies.

Here are some helpful home remedies to treat colds at home:

1. Get some rest- take a nap, sit and relax to give your body much needed rest.

2. Drink plenty of fluids - drink, water, juice or broth.

3. Eat well - If you cannot eat larger meals, try eating small frequent meals.

4. Reduce Congestion - Place a humidifier on your room.