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C-Sections Before and After

Topic: C-Sections Before and After


Let's talk C-sections! I know they can be scary, even if they are planned, but I am here to share some things I learned before and after my C-section.

  • The first thing you hear about the c-section is what's going to happen, if you are having a planned one then you will have plenty of time to discuss with your doctor all the ins and outs. If it is unplanned (like mine was) and an emergency, you get the quick crash course. Either way it's best to talk to your doctor when it comes close to your 7/8 months of pregnancy, even if it's not planned, it's better to know a head of time.

  • During your c-section, most people will have an epidural, allowing you to be awake and alert, just numb below the waist. In some rare cases, where they can't get an epidural in like mine (I have a back issue) they will have to put you to sleep with a mask on and you will not be awake during the surgery, but wake up about 30 minutes to an hour afterwards.

  • After the surgery you will be sore, people's pain levels differ from everyone else, so don't think anything of the pain just yet. I got 2 days of rest, no walking and they had a catheter in. On my third day I was helped to take a shower and shown how to care for my cut. I also was asked to start walking, don't put this off, it aids in your recovery so much! Once your released from the hospital you aren't supposed to drive for 2 weeks.

I hope this has given you some insight into how the c-section process might go, and tips to help you with it. I pray I can help someone that may have to go through this process as I know how scary it is to go through it alone. Head up mommas, you got this!