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Life with a Premature Infant

Topic: Life with a Premature Infant


Living with a preemie can be a difficult task, and some days maybe really rough, but you and your little fighter are going to make it through!

The picture above is of my Little Mini Me wink She was 4 days old. This was the first time I had gotten to see here because she had to be taken to an all children's hospital due to her tiny size (1lb 14oz). Seeing her for the first time my heart sank, I felt like I had failed her, until she smiled at me and then it was just tears from then on.

She stayed at the NICU for 75 days, due to various health reasons, but I will never forget the day she come home. I had been preparing for her to come home for well over a month, and I was still not fully ready, some preemies come home on Monitors like my little one did, and cooping with those machines was hard at first. Not to mention making sure all her medicines were in order and given at the right time.

Now this may all seem very overwhelming, and honestly it was, but lets talk about the fun things! Getting to watch her smile, and holding her little hands, watching her make funny faces when she was sleeping and I was eating, giving her gentle warm baths and watching her splash in the water for the first time.

Living with a preemie may seem overwhelming and crazy between the millions of doctors appointments and therapies and if you have older kids like I do it can seem even more hectic. But remember, to stop and take those extra cuddles, and get all the loving in that you can, because they don't stay small for long! I would know, that little of mine, is now a 21lb 21 month old! Cherish your babies, and when ever it seems too hectic, stop and breathe, count to ten, and remember, they are watching you and they need you. You make them stronger!