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Learning Toys for Infants

Topic: Learning Toys for Infants


We all know there a TONS of toys out there for infants, in this post I want to share with you the ones that I have found over the years that are best for learning and teaching kids ages Birth-1 year old. Now you might think, as a newborn, there's not much to teach them, well that's not exactly true.

  • For newborns, I love sensory stuff! Different types of fabrics, soft and silky. Or hard objects like little wooden toys or soft plushy toys. Giving kids those different types of sensory things at young age gets their mind going.

  • For kids around 3-4 month usually need a lot of tummy time to start the journey to crawling, floor mats and floor toys help to soothe them during this time. Also, if you have a baby with re-flux, this time can be more difficult, but putting a wedge under them.

  • For kids that are crawling, I love to use the rock and roll crawl ball. It plays music, flashes lights, and rolls around on the floor to encourage the child to chase after it, helping them stay active and move their muscles.

  • 6 months - 1 year they will be cruising and getting ready to walk, walkers and push toys are perfect for this age as it teaches them balance and helps with coordination. There are many different kinds that are adjustable and play music to keep them interacting with the toys.

I hope this helped you pick some awesome toys for you little ones! You will know whats best for you little ones as you watch them grow, this is just some suggestions wink Remember, learning is great, but we really just want to see them having fun! I hope you guys enjoy the article!!