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Yummy Food Purees for Babies

Topic: Yummy Food Purees for Babies


We all want to pick the best foods we can for our babies, and with so many different baby food on the market, that can be a hard task for new moms. In this post I am going to tell you how to make your own purees for you little one in the comfort of your very own kitchen, using all natural ingredients. 

  • The First thing your gonna need is some fruits and vegetables, like strawberry's, banana's, blue berry's, oranges, spinach and green beans. You will also need a blender that has a puree setting and some small Tupperware cups.

  • Next take your favorite mixture, my daughters favorite was Strawberry, Banana and orange and cut them up. Make sure to wash the strawberries good and remove the tops. With the orange, you just want the juice out of it, so grab a glass and squeeze, make sure to remove any seeds from the glass.

  • Next it's time to get mixing! Add together your strawberries and bananas then pour in half the orange juice, depending on the thickness you desire for your child you can put less for thicker and add more if it's not thick enough. Set your blender to puree and in seconds you will have a fresh yummy all natural meal or snack for your baby.

  • Now that you got it all mixed, you can use your storage cans to keep them fresh in the fridge, or some people freeze the mixture to make like an ice cream treat. Either way your baby will enjoy this yummy treat made just for them!

You can mix together just about anything to create and interesting and tasty treat for you little ones, I would love to hear what you tried mixing together and which ones they loved in the comments below!! Go have some fun in the kitchen and get creative!!