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Potty Training 101

Topic: Potty Training 101


Starting potty training can seem like a difficult task, but your toddler can tell you when they are ready. If you child is constant pulling their diaper off when it gets soiled, or likes to be in the bathroom and shows an interest when you use the restroom, these could be signs that it's time to start training. In this post I want to share with you some tips that have worked on a number of kids.

First, take your child with you to the store to pick out the potty, if they are excited about it, it makes a world of difference. Also while you are out at the store, have them pick out their very own big kid underwear, and make sure to be excited about it!

Next, it's time to get training. When your child gets up in the morning, change them into their big kid underwear and take them to the potty, have them sit on it and you sit on the adult potty. Kids love mimicking their parents. If your child does go to the bathroom on the first try, give them as much praise as you can, this encourages them to do it again, also use rewards, like a special treat. Show them how to wipe and pull their new underwear up. 

If your child has an accident while wearing their underwear, it helps because it reminds their brain to use the potty. Also, it usually makes them tell you. I also have found it useful to keep the potty in the child's eye sight, because if they can't see it, they usually tend to forget about it. 

Bed time is a different story, for kids just starting out a diaper at bed time can be useful, just remember to have your child try using the potty before bed and first thing when they wake up. Once you have a week or 2 with no accidents and no wet diapers at night, I would say you have been successful as training your child to use the bathroom! Give yourself a high five! 

Not all kids are the same, and some take longer than others, My oldest took about 6 months to get the hang of it, but my almost 2 year old seems ready and willing as she hates her diaper on haha. Either way, watch your child and don't push it, kids under pressure tend to take longer. I hope you all have enjoyed this post and I hope to hear your success stories!