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Therapy for Kids

Topic: Therapy for Kids


There are many different types of therapy's available for children of all ages. If you feel your kid may need help in any of the areas in this list please ask your child's doctor if the therapy may be beneficial to your child's needs. 

Physical Therapy: This therapy is used for many different reasons, my daughters both got physical therapy (youngest still does). they use this therapy for stretching out tight muscles, building muscle mass, and helping to get kids on their feet by helping them learn to crawl and walk. Also they help strengthen the core and stump muscles that are needed to help infants sit unsupported. 

Occupational Therapy: This therapy deals more with fine motor skills, mostly using your hands to pick up small objects, doing buttons and zippers, using feeding utensils, and writing/coloring. This is great for kids that need help with everyday tasks using their hands.

Speech/Language Therapy: This therapy is used for helping kids that have trouble talking clearly and not making proper letter sounds. It also helps with cognitive thinking. this is great for kids that got a late start on talking or have trouble saying simple words.

Feeding Therapy: This therapy helps kids that have week chewing muscles learn how to strengthen those muscles so they can eventually eat regular solid foods. 

I hope these therapy's come in hand for you and your little ones, remember you know whats best that they need, so talk to your child's doctor if you feel they may need one or more of these services.