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Happy Mother & Daughter Relationship

Topic: Happy Mother & Daughter Relationship


We all want to have an awesome relationship with our daughters, because we want to always be there for them. Some days it's not that easy. As moms we have to teach them whats best in life and how to behave in a good manner, this sometimes can lead to fights with our girls and words said that we didn't really mean. We have to trust that our girls will do whats write, and gain them to trust us when things don't go right. 

Spending mother daughter time together is important for girls, as infants they watch you and look up to you and mimic your every moves, so remember to always try your best to set a good idea. But I want to share some fun things that you can do to spend quality time together.

Girl time, getting your nails or hair done together is a great bonding experience. It takes time so it gives you time to talk and chat about everyday things that during a busy week, you don't get to usually talk about.

Spend a day at the beach together, fun in the sun is also a couple hours so you have plenty of time to play and relax together and even splash around.

If your daughters not the beach or girly type, try going hiking or even a music concert. If we watch our girls and see their interests, then it's easier to plan a surprise day for just the two of you.

What ever you may decide to do with your daughter be sure that they are interested in it too, and that it's fun and stimulating for the both of you to enjoy.