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Hiking and Walking

Topic: Hiking and Walking


Keep you and your kids healthy can sometimes be a difficult task. Getting out and getting fresh air is a fun way to get your kids moving. I love to take my kids out walking or hiking down nature trails. Although some days we don't get to make it to the trails, we still like to walk around the blocks of our neighborhood . 

Along with walking and hiking, riding bikes through the trails or in the neighborhood is a good activity as well. Kids also love to use their scooters but those don't do well on the trails. 

Where ever you decide to go walking or hiking make sure you are prepared for your trip, always remember to bring along sunscreen, mosquito repellent, plenty of water, hats and a pocket sized first aid kit, in case anyone falls and gets an ouchie. 

Some hiking grounds have lakes or oceans near by that allow fishing, so check it out and spend some time on the docks with you little ones and show them how fishing is done. 

Also if you are a nature buff, most of these trails are full of different plants and animals all around so you can share that knowledge with your little ones, I know they will be excited to learn!