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Hi my name is Nitra and I was wondering is it possible to get pregnant again in your forties I do have three beautiful boys but sometime I feel a little girl would be nice but I always felt I needed to have space between my kids but I also the three miscarriages I had wonder if the miscarriages were my girls because after that I would conceive again and it was a boy probably just me being crazy but I did feel that way and by me trying to space my kids out and the passing of my first two boys daddy and trying to find love again those years just zipped by.

Now my husband and I only have the one child but he's my third and he wants more now we lost the second baby it was growing on the outside of my tubes and I had to have surgery now I was ask do you was me to save you tube or remove I said to save I wanted more kids or just one more so that my husband could have two biological kids even though there nothing he wouldn't do for my boys he loves them like his own and take them everywhere and always having those guy talks and teaching them a lot they are growing up to be nice young men.

I'm always searching the web and reading but I just want to find someone who lived it so I can stop feeling so weird about it almost forty-two and we were thinking about finding a Dr. and see what our option are before menopause kick in I've been eating right just started exercise but it has been two and a half years now but with his work schedule it has been hard for us to spend time together to work on that and we don't want it to feel like work but at this point in my life and my age it just might have to be like work to have it happen before forty-five because after everything I've read I believe forty-five would be the last draw no more babies maybe grandkids by that time lol but not truly ready for them no time soon.

So now I just thinking do I keep trying or should I relax and not think about or do we go to the Doctor and start to treat it like work and no matter what I do I my still either end up with another boy or nothing at all.